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EC05: Love it, hate it... .::Feedback Only::.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SurrealOne, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Epic26

    Epic26 Lurker

    its not working for my phone. I downloaded the update. renamed the file to update.zip and did the reboot/recovery mode, followed the steps and it still doesn't read it. gives me an error. any info? will help. I want the upgrade :)


  2. Sedan_Clan

    Sedan_Clan Member

    No! I just did the battery pull/hold power for 10-15 seconds thing, and it seems to have helped.
  3. dksnet

    dksnet Guest

    Yes. Bad screen lag since the update....BAD LAG:eek:
  4. JAD_

    JAD_ Lurker

    I was wondering about this. I got the OTA but i havent installed it yet because i wanted to know whether or not that was fixed.
  5. MBM7881

    MBM7881 Well-Known Member

    has anyone noticed a battery drain due to a high TWS? i noticed my battery was draining a lot faster than normal and when i checked my TWS it was at 52%. its never been that high before. i normally stayed between 1-3% TWS. i updated via Paul627g's method of [Odin-EC05] Froyo EC05 Prerooted/CWM v2.5.1.0 RFS (Odexed). any ideas? other than this my phone has been super fast. the 3G signal doesn't fade in and out like before and i can get on the internet and its really fast. before on EB13 it was beyond a slow crawl.

    EDIT: well it seems as if the TWS issue fixed itself after a hard reset. i've been monitoring now for a few hours and its went from 52% and gradually lower. now its a 3% and been that way since 5PM. all is well again! EB13 was great for me and EC05 is even better and faster

    MAKOKILLER Well-Known Member

    well with all of the crap I am reading about this new update. I'm glad I am sticking to the original froyo update that I got a month ago. It works just fine with no problems at all.

    MATTCH Newbie

    Orientation switching is slow and you really have to turn it upright or sideways for it to switch .

    Predictive text went down the drain completely, it doesnt suggest anything or fill in the words correctly anymore.

    Checker box appears when zooming in and out occassionally, made me download dolphin browser.

    The little changes in menu/aesthetics/settings, etc are nice but the important day to day actions are tedious now thanks to the above problems.
  8. Howard Packer

    Howard Packer Member

    I was having this same issue: podcasts would start playing when I would check email, when a phone call was coming in, for texts, and more. I use Doggcatcher for my podcasts, and it wasn't playing from there. (I think that the podcasts were playing on the new Music Player.)

    Apparently, the update changes all of your tones. I re-set the tones, and the problem stopped.
  9. Howard Packer

    Howard Packer Member

    I started having a new problem today where orientation would switch to even upside down! :eek: I had to disable automatic orientation to stop the problem. This didn't happen for the first two days after the update. :thinking:
  10. Howard Packer

    Howard Packer Member

    I got the OTA Sprint update on Friday. I don't really notice any performance changes or battery changes at this point.

    The issues that have come up for me are:

    Changed all of my notification tones. No big deal to change back once I finally figured out what was going on. Kept launching podcasts for incoming texts, when I'd check email, when incoming calls rang, etc.

    After two days, I started having screen orientation issues. I even got upside down screens. Calibrating didn't do anything. I had to disable auto orientation.

    I use ICE: In Case of Emergency widget, which has the ability to launch when the screen is locked. The screen lock was causing issues where it wouldn't unlock at all, or took several tries before it would unlock. Once I could finally unlock it, the screen would typically freeze. I finally disabled the lock screen part of the widget. Now, I just have an icon to launch on my homescreen.

    I am not a big fan of the IM bubbles. Just seems like graphic overkill that wastes screen space. I also don't like having to tap open longer messages if I want to review them. (Longer ones have the end of the message cut off with a "More . . ." that you have to tap to see the rest of the message.
  11. dksnet

    dksnet Guest

    WoW. The apps I loaded before the update put themselves in Alphabetical order but now they get jumbled around and no consistency what so ever........

    I can also make my battery last about 32 hours if I disable most of the Running Services but I ask, Who wants to take the time and turn all that crap off everytime you use your phone???
  12. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    On the rotation thing, in the Support and Troubleshooting section, someone posted that they were able to fix it by calibrating the screen with the phone face down.
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  13. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    My gripe for today...I hate the call log not having an option to just show all phone calls. It's either all incoming, all outgoing, missed calls, or basically every damn thing, including texts. It's rather annoying to not have the most commonly desired log - all phone calls!!

    So to view all phone calls, you have to see every single incoming and outgoing text in your call log as well.
  14. dksnet

    dksnet Guest

    Yep, It sux...
  15. jonra

    jonra Newbie

    lol - yup, same on the orientation switching and the call log being so cluttered with crap it's basically useless. You can 'filter' by using the 'view by' kind of, but it's not good.

    All this hype and endless whining from people on the forums for THIS? Sorry guys, to me this version is way less stable than the previous. Yes, it looks nice I guess, but wth? Half the time when I go to enter the OS, if I'm in messaging already, it is oriented sideways by default (despite my phone being vertical). Then I'm forced to go through turning the phone back and forth to get it back to normal. Ridiculous.

    Also, no longer able to turn volume all the way off via the volume rocker? You have turn 'silent mode' on manually... oh, and if you don't want it to vibrate on 'silent mode' (because apparently vibrating is 100% silent by Droid standards) there's a setting buried in 'sound' to turn it off when on silent mode.

    But yeah, at least I can watch flash videos on my phone... the most overhyped "feature" ever conceived. I for one am not happy. 2.1 was stable and worked. 2.2 feels like bloatware to me :(
  16. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    I also dislike the way the menu comes up when you are trying to "share" a picture. It comes up as a box with two columns rather than one vertical column that you can easily scroll through. This leaves the column on the right barely within the screen! So if you are trying to select one over there, like I am, it's a PITA.
  17. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    Oh, but one more plus for the update....I can finally see call duration in the call log.
  18. afowdy1003

    afowdy1003 Newbie

    I notice a lag when I power-on from black screen. I've also had issues with calibration. I'm going to try calibrating with my screen face down as suggested by someone. Now, unless I'm holding it just right, the tiles on Words with Friends continuously shuffle. (Small gripe).

    I guess I expected more from the upgrade based on the hype. I do enjoy the pull down menu changes (Although, silent does not equal vibrate; silent equals silent.) Also, I cannot find how to get the messaging to stop displaying unread messages. I use Handcent for texting, but the default Messenger wants to keep track of what's been read/not read. The "News and Weather" app never seems to be able to locate me - even with GPS enabled. At least it's aesthetically pleasing.

    UPDATE: Calibrating with the screen face down works perfectly!
  19. BubZX

    BubZX Well-Known Member

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  20. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  21. exser52

    exser52 Lurker

    I have been experiencing some of the same problems as everyone else, like lag and battery drain, but I have 3 major gripes. 1. When I double tap to zoom then proceed to scroll up and down, my screen does this zoom in and out seizure thing. 2. Its already been mentioned, but the predictive text and word replacement now BLOWS! I only does common contractions ad names from my contact list. Very annoying. 3. And most annoying to me because I'm anal about details, is the messaging notification. I use handsent for my messaging, and I have it on my home screen rite above the unremovable messaging icon, and even though I turned off the default messenger notifications, I still get a little orange circle with the number of unread messages. So even after I check my messages in Handsent, I have to open up the default messanger and look at my recent texts just so the stupid orange circle goes away. DUMB! :mad:
  22. afowdy1003

    afowdy1003 Newbie

    Ditto! It's very annoying to have to go into two messenger systems to get rid of the notifications. Has anyone discovered a fix for this, if there is one?
  23. alestin

    alestin Newbie

    Just replace the default messaging icon with Handcent in the app drawer - this is a new feature of the update. The default messaging app will still show the message count, but at least it will be hidden.
  24. Charles C

    Charles C Newbie

    I haven't noticed any differences from EB13. I am not what you'd call a power user though, so a lot of the things that bothered people (the SMS bubble layout, the icon color for the music player, etc) going to EB13 never really bothered me and still don't in EC05. No notable performance gain, no battery drain for me (didn't have it on EB13 either though), the checkerboarding is still there. One improvement I think I notice is that the auto-rotate is not as overly sensitive as it was in EB13.

    I haven't tried Sprint ID - doesn't sound like it'll be of any use to me.
  25. cokemanpac

    cokemanpac Newbie

    Came from eb13 with no problems. Then sprint releases this crap. Overall use is good but who the **** okd The slow ass auto rotat it takes 5seconds for it to rotate 5 SECONDS! Wtf that's slower han the laggy ass hero I upgraded from to get this phone!

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