Facebook authentication failed


If I try to log in to my Facebook account from any laptop/browser I can`t reach my account. I write my correct e-mail and password, I don`t receive any message something is wrong but the moment I push log in/enter the password field becomes blank and nothing happens. From my Samsung Galaxy S5 I can open my Facebook account but I can not reach any settings/activity log/security/Security Inbox, etc. The second I try I get logged out with the message "Facebook authentication failed". So I can not control anything, not reach anything. If I go to settings I get thrown out. If I try reach Facebook trough the help/report I need to log in again and I can`t bc nothing happens. If I try to report my profile I can`t. My friends have also tried. What do I do to fix this? I have deleted caches and data, deleted the app, reinstalled. Deleted other apps connected to Facebook. Nothing helps. If I search for my profile by e-mail or phone I can`t find it, but I can find it with my name. When I try to go further and open it it just disappears. My friend list can see my profile as normal. What to do? Please help!
enter your email address on facebook (one from which you have registered) and click forgot password. It should mail you and proceed from there to recover