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first page security? logon

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by corvairbob, Jan 13, 2013.

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    the other day i tried to setup the vpn service not really knowing what did but on 1 tablet i have it and the other one no. the tablet that has it let me use weatherbug the tablet without would not let weatherbug run so i was hoping the vpn service may has been why. anyway while installing the vpn it made me do a logon security thing which i set as a draw a line. well the vpn did not work because as i got into it it asked for servers and stuff i did not know about, so i stopped and went back but now i still have the logon draw a line and want that to stop as well. i don't want or need that so how can i make it go away short of pressing the reset button? i went to security but i have no options to stop it. any ideas?

    all this to try and get weatherbug to load and work on my tablet. it still will not load it always said the program stopped before it loads up. thanks bp.


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