[Fixed]Default SD Card content


I accidentally formated my HTC hero default SD card (due to misunderstanding the SD card is unformatted when I can't see with PC). :eek:

I would like to put back all the htc hero SD card default content. I can't do that with reset the htc hero phone or some unformatted freeware. So can someone please help me on this ? either send me all the htc hero default contents in zip or point me to a site to download them.

Thank you very much.


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Thank you so much for the user manual, HTCSync and DCIM.

I check some old post and found that below are the default file and folder (as I never got to see my own Hero's SD card content):

DCIM (got it)
usermanual (I assume inside is the usermanual pdf, downloaded)
HTCSync2.0.4.exe (downloaded)

can someone help me to get the mp3 folder and other folder content ? or at least tell me what are inside those folder. some might be empty by default. I just don't know what I lost...:(

Thank you very much for all the help.


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when i put a new sd card in my hero it asked me to reformat. so i did. all the folders have since recreated themselves.


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After format (that is what I did wrongly), there will have DCIM, .footprints, roise_scroll and a tmp folder, but insides is empty, don't have any files. I am trying to get back all the folders and files.


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Mill, you've pretty much already got everything you need. The MP3 folder just had a few sample music files, and the rest of the folders will be recreated and repopulated automatically by their respective apps.


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+1 for wot the Q-man sed. :)

The first thing I do with any card on first use in my Hero is copy files I want to retain off to disk and then format the card to start with a 'clean sheet'. Any folders required are indeed recreated automatically, so you're missing nothing of importance.