Help Froyo: Any Updates to IMAP email Client?


As anyone who has used the IMAP email client (the non-gmail one) knows it is pretty clunky. Have any improvements been made in Froyo? More specifically, can you forward attachments now?


I am using SGS with firmware version 2.2 | kernel version | build no FROYO.DDJP6.

The gmail client is ok but pop3 client sucks.Here are the problems that i faced
1) Forwarded message can not be edited.One can not do selection,copy or deletion.
2) No provision to add people in CC and BCC to your contact list
3) The emails are not received in time.This is very unpredictive.
4) I am not able to copy the signature and paste that in email signature.Do i have to wirte the whole email disclaimer?
5) There is delay while processing the voice to text.Typing is easier.

email client used in nokia e72 is much better and there is much more to get inspired.