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Gapless Playback and the Default Music Player

Discussion in 'Music' started by andrewnewman, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. andrewnewman

    andrewnewman New Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 13, 2010

    I wanted to start a thread that wasn't phone-specific regarding the default music player under Android 2.2 and support for gapless playback of audio.

    Several people have pointed out (and I won't repeat the details) that MP3 format is not gapless-friendly and, in fact, the default player doesn't currently read any of the common metadata that LAME and other software packages insert in MP3 encoded files to assist with gapless playback.

    Others have pointed out that the player *will* play back gapless content if the original non-compressed (e.g. WAV files or FLAC files) content are converted to OGG / Vorbis.

    This works but I didn't initially belive it! On my HTC Incredible, after ripping a bunch of albums (Pink Floyd, The Wall / Green Day, American Idiot / Beatles, Abbey Road) with gapless content, I tried dragging the slider to near the end of one song and waited. There was a detectable pause! I was crushed. I tried a few other and the same result.

    Then I played a whole album and noticed that it *WAS* gapless after all. What appears to be happening is that when the display is illuminated, the player feels the necessity to display the *next* song's album art (which is the same as the previous!!!) and the redisplay appears to occur in the same thread that decodes the audio (for some reason). If the display isn't illuminated, the player doesn't bother and voila, gapless playback.

    Thanks for listening...


  2. sebantunez

    sebantunez Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    Let me get this straight. It cannot be MP3/AAC, can it?

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