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Gemini Calendar - my vision of calendar software

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by powell, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. lincoln_dj

    lincoln_dj Lurker

    hi, this looks exactly what i'm after, but i cant find it in the market!!

    i assume this is because i have an x10 mini, which uses a qvga screen?? have noticed a lot of apps dont appear in the market on this phone...

    is this something you could look into at all?


  2. fisher_of_man

    fisher_of_man Lurker

    +1...this would be GREAT! I'd really love to have this functionality...I'm not real fond of the stock calendar widget.

    I'd also really like to have color coding of events and/or icon options.

    Powell...you have a great app and I appreciate you letting us all be a part of making it the best calendar app available! thanks for being so responsive to our ideas/suggestions. you are definately a breathe of fresh air in this respect!
  3. malunahe

    malunahe Lurker

    Hi, it's a nice program, but is there a way to add a 1x1 day widget? This way it can be a calendar reminder of the date (as I ALWAYS tend to forget what the date is) and then when you press it, it can take you directly to the calendar, or date, or agenda views as per preferrence. Also, being that I work weekends, I like that the week begins on sunday as our pay period ends on saturday. However adding the monday or sunday option is good for some.
  4. kokiangel

    kokiangel Android Expert

    The current 4x1 calendar widget shows you the date on the left side and if you tap that it brings up the calendar. If you tap the right side it brings up the day. I believe Powell said he was working on other widget options but this is a really nice start.
  5. HTCArgDesire

    HTCArgDesire Lurker

    I've found out that when you sync your contacts with outlook, they seem to be in a separate file than the gmail contacts. This makes you see only Gmail contacts when you want to create a Add From Book Event. Is there any way to transfer the outlook contacts to the Gmail ones in my phone? I know you can do it from tha Gmail Account, but would need to export the outlook contacts to the Gmail, Erase the contacts from the Phone(I Don't know how) in order to avoid duplicates and finally sync my phone with Gmail. Is there any ather way?
    Thanks to all.
  6. malunahe

    malunahe Lurker

    I would like the 1x1 widget because I need the space on my screen. Calendar pad is the only one that I have seen that has one, but I kinda lik gemini for it's scheduling abilities :)
  7. APKhaos

    APKhaos Well-Known Member

    I've been using Gemini for a couple of months now, and its terrific!

    Just tried to edit the Repeat setting on a calendar event, but it does not seem to be possible in teh Edit function? I have an event set for 'Every week on Monday' that I need to change to 'Every week on Tuesday'.
    Not seeing where this change can be made??
  8. davisj

    davisj Lurker

    This looks sweet. I am new to android. On windows i would use a program named Agenda One. They have a feature that in the description section, you can choose date and time stamp. I use this feature to note my jobs and then it syncs to outlook and then I dont have to type the time and date im and out of each of my jobs. It does not refer to the other time settings, only what shows in the description line. Do you have the ability to add something like this?
  9. acrickie

    acrickie Lurker

    Hi Powell,

    I would like to add my thanks for what is a very promising calendar application - way better than the standard version.
    It is the only calendar app I have found which provides the same variety of repeating reminder options that you get with the online Google calendar which is extremely useful.
    Like one of the earlier posters pointed out, I think it would be useful to provide the same flexibility to modify a repeating event as is provided when you create it.
    Looking forward to seeing how this project progresses but it is certainly a very professional looking application.
  10. pjamedia

    pjamedia Lurker

    Love the Gemini calendar app but have noticed a few bugs on 0.9.28 (just installed from Market on my HTC Desire (android 2.1):

    Do this: Create new appt on 31st July from 00:00 to 01:00 recurring monthly on 31st of each month

    appt is created on 31st July (success).
    appt is duplicated on 1st August (bug).
    appt appears on 31st August (success).
    appt does not appear in months with less than 31 days - should this not then appear on 30th (or 28/29th for Feb I.e. last day of month) instead?

    Thanks, Paul A
  11. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-)

    This is very nice. I use a combination of Calendar Pad Pro, Gottodo (gives me floating events via Toodledo) and Pure Calendar widget (puts calendar and todos in one homewidget). I can really see Gemini replacing Calendar Pad Pro and I will be using it in parallel for awhile. About the only major thing I see missing is a week view (agenda style) which Calendar Pad Pro gives me. However, I will be very motivated to move and pay for Gemini-- it has a much nicer interface and I really like rewarding developer responsiveness. Heck, I might buy it even if I didn't switch. :D

    I'll be hitting the donate button I just discovered on your website!
  12. Vim Tailor

    Vim Tailor Newbie


    looks jusy what I have been looking fo on my Wildfire but can not locate the app on Android Market!
    Can you help?

  13. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sometimes there are problems with downloading applications from Android Market, some apps cannot be found for some time. It seems to be a problem on the Google side, if you have such problem, just try again.
  14. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Version 0.9.29 released.

    There have been much code refactoring/rewriting in regard to event adding and editing. The good side of it is, that it should work faster and it will let me to add new functionality to the application (like event copy/paste).
    Bad side ... well, I hope there isn't any, but if you encounter a problem, send me email with description to bugs(at)gemini-mobile.com

    What is new:

    • Copy, paste events, in Month View, point to the event, long press on it and select "Add to clipboard" (sorry, no recurrent events are allowed to copy in this version) . You will see small icon on the top of application, which means, that event was copied to the clipboard. Next, you can long press on the day, to which you can paste the event. I am sure you will know, what next :)
    • Deleting and editing recurrent events, in this version there are two options: All events in the series and This and all future events. I know that Only this event is still missing - I am working on it !
    • Delete confirmations, as someone wished :)
    • Up to 3 default reminders,
    • Preferences more descriptive, in fact Preferences show the actual, selected state of the given preference, now it is easier to see, what are the settings at one glance,
    • Recurrent events + weeks start on Sunday, if you had problems with recurrent events and Sunday set as first day of week, see, if it is fixed now

    If you like my calendar, please, consider to donate. You will find the link to donate on my site:

  15. jjaakk

    jjaakk Newbie

    I am not sure what 3 default reminders option actually is good for. can you please expand on this?
  16. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, it is simple. Imagine, that you want to be reminded about the event two times, two hours before the event and 30 minutes before it. Let say, that first reminder is supposed to remind you, that you should pick up your wife from the airport, the second, that you will miss the plane, if you do not go now :)
    You can also use three reminders as a snooze alarms... it is up to you.

    Frankly, I had some emails from users, that wanted this feature, so I made it.
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  17. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member

    This is still the best calendar app available for Android! Thank you again for your hard work and dedication.

    I really like the 3 default reminders. I always use three reminders for my events and almost always have them set to the same reminder times as well. Thank you for this feature.

  18. jjaakk

    jjaakk Newbie

    Thanks for explaining that. I think as a "3 snooze" alarm, it could be very useful.
  19. Vim Tailor

    Vim Tailor Newbie


    Thanks for your reply about Android Market.

    Have been trybing everyday since my post on last Friday with no joy!

    Really want to try Gemini as looks exactly what I want!

    Is there any other way of getting it apart from Market?


  20. Walton1

    Walton1 Member

    Just got the new version. The copy and paste really improves it for me. When I can I will put donation on your site. Do you think you'll be able to do the 'several dots in different colours' idea on monthly view that several of us have mentioned? Wish HTC were as responsive in giving us Froyo!
  21. Most excellent. I can say, you will need good documentation to go with this app (perhaps a PDF?). I downloaded version 0.9.29 today and saw you had added copying events. After a bit of playing with it I found the "Add to clipboard" option, however, I was unable to find the method to paste. Now that I can read your notes I can 'copy & paste' events appropriately.

    If I might suggest, I think once you copy an event to the clipboard you should consider adding another method or two for pasting:

    • Option 1: After copying the event, if the user presses Menu->"Add Event", you could present the option to paste if the user presses Menu again within the edit event screen. Currently there is only "Save" and "Today", I think this is a good place for "Paste".

    • Option 2: After copying the event, if the user presses Menu->"More" I think "Paste from Clipboard" would fit well with the "My Calendars", "Preferences", etc.

    All in all, excellent to see this feature. Without 'templates' (something from the Palm Datebk app), copy and paste is the next best thing.

    Please keep working on adding "Only this event". I have recurring events that I use to track things on a periodic basis. Being able to edit the current event would allow me to update the event with the new data, then the recurring event continues the next period.

    If I might put in my vote for additional feature prioritization, I would ask/vote for the following:

    1. Additional dots above the monthly dates, although in a way I do not recall seeing mentioned before. Instead of simply more dots to indicate more items on a given day, I think the placement of the dots above the date should indicate the time of the event(s) on that day. A dot in the middle (where they are now) would indicate mid-day (noon-6pm), whereas a dot to the left would indicate morning (6am-noon) and a dot to the right would indicate evening (6pm-10pm). On my Evo, the dots appear perhaps 6x6. I think a pair of 4x4 dots, one to the 'far-left' could indicate early morning (midnight-6am) and one to the 'far-right' could indicate late evening (10pm-midnight).

      One example of this would be an event spanning from 6pm Friday through 4pm on Sunday. There would be the "right" 6x6 dot and "far-right" 4x4 dot above Friday, all five dots above Saturday, and the "far left" 4x4 dot and the left & center dots above Sunday.

      Of course in a perfect world, those time periods could be adjusted in the preferences...
    2. More widgets. Or the ability for Gemini Calendar to replace the default calendar. Currently I'm rather fond of the HTC Sense 4x4 calendar widget that shows the current month. Flicks up/down switch to the next/previous month. Clicking on a day brings up the calendar in day view. Clicking on the month name brings up the calendar in month view. The problem is it is the default calendar, I cannot see how to change it to Gemini Calendar.

      So while you have a lot of votes on this board for smaller widgets, I would add my voice for a 4x4 widget with your default calendar view (the day's events above the full-month) as the widget itself.
    3. Icons. Someone else brought it up, I'd second the motion.
    4. An indicator in the "GeminiCalendar" bar that shows the sync status. Sometimes when I update an event it takes time to sync and I thought the edit didn't 'stick'. I'm thinking now it just takes a moment sometimes to sync to Google and back. An icon that represents 'sync pending' and 'sync in progress' would be great, with no icon showing when sync is complete (or maybe a check mark that goes away after 30 seconds or so). You added the clipboard icon, I think a sync indicator icon is a good idea.

    Haven't seen any bugs yet, will email you if I come across any. Stellar for a 'beta' application.

    You have the makings of an excellent calendar application here and your ongoing development and attention is well appreciated.

    Thank you,

    P.S. And yes, I can be a bit wordy. Hope you don't mind!
  22. tommygun

    tommygun Newbie

    I completely agree with Ambassador Dave post. :)
  23. 28064212

    28064212 Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a bug in 0.9.29. All new events created show up with the recurring events symbol in the stock calendar app, and cause the stock app to force close if you try to open them

    Android version 2.1, phone is Samsung Galaxy Spica
  24. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Very strange, does anybody else have such issues ?
    I have sent you a PM.
  25. tommygun

    tommygun Newbie

    It doesn't happen on my HTC Desire.

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