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Google Map/my location is off

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by harsaphes, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. harsaphes

    harsaphes Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So I am sitting in my apt in manhattans west side..over at the water. When I fire up Maps and set my location it shows me about two blocks away from where i really am. There is no way to correct this?..Im kind of shocked that i cant set my location manually..or i can and i dont know how...Also using street view, no matter where i drag the marker to it wont show my address..it will show my building but it wont give me an address..
    Any way to solve these problems?

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  2. Mansn

    Mansn Member

    The reason your position isn't super accurate is because you are probably inside a building and the GPS signal can't penetrate walls and even windows very well. To rectify try holding your android handset out of a window ;-)

    GODMODE Well-Known Member

    Gps serevices, for the most part need a view of the sky to be dead on accurate. In fact, your phone likely isn't using gps (although the gps is on and the icon shows its tracking) but using cell tower tiangulation to give you your location.

    Stand outside... it will be more accurate. You need the sky above you.
  4. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Android Expert

    I have seen this same issue. It triangulates me a few blocks away. One trick is to try and turn off the triangulation option and only use GPS. See what your result is then.
  5. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Android Expert

    As others have said, if you are inside that's not going to help.

    With GPS off, inside or outside, your location is going to be off by a few blocks at least, this is because the phone is using cell tower triangulation, and depending on how far you are from a tower, what other structures ans signals are causing interference, and how many other people are in the area, it just does a "best guess". You'll notice a blue bubble around that guess, right? That's a visual cue that there isn't a lock on your position, but a guess, and it's saying you're somewhere within that blue bubble.

    If you go outside, you may get a better signal, but for best results, turn on GPS. GPS may be able to penetrate the roof of your car, but not the structure of a building. And as others have noted, sometimes when GPS and the cell tower (wireless positioning) are both on, they fight with each other. I haven't had that issue, but some folks have, so turning GPS on and wireless positioning off may give you the best results.

    And if you drag to your position and your address doesn't show up--- that means Google Maps doesn't have your address --- FOR STREET VIEW. It means they haven't tagged your address with a photo, even though they've tagged other addresses on that block. Hard to believe, but they're still mapping the globe and there are still points that haven't been logged yet.
  6. harsaphes

    harsaphes Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    well whats funny is in street view my building is right there but not the address. Also i live in a 30 story building which takes up approx. half of the block the other half is a school..and my address isnt listed!..funny..oh its only on the mobile version..on Google Maps..desktop its there.

    Also..just loaded up Google Maps on my desktop..sent myself a saved map to my phone and the Google Map app says it cant load it?..thats odd.
  7. dkaufman1

    dkaufman1 Android Expert

    I have not heard about differences between mobile and desktop views before. Very interesting.

    Also I am interested to try and duplicate your issue with the desktop saved map, could you outline the steps you took.
  8. ManLike

    ManLike Member

    Another GPS oddity is that if you are in a deep canyon or series of canyons (like most downtown areas) then the GPS signal can bounce off buildings to get to you. Since GPS works through timing down to the milli (or is it micro?) second, this can throw your location off by quite a bit.
  9. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Android Expert

    it's that way with all the googleproducts, they're done by different teams.

    For example, gmail, the regular desk/laptop browser version is one team.

    The gmail mobile browser app is another team.

    The android gmail app is yet another team.

    I think it's that way because none of these are finished, complete projects, so if you had one team working on all of those products at once, that would be a lot to manage, and some app, somewhere would lag severely behind the others because it would get continually pushed off in favor of the other apps.

    So it stands to reason that there would be different teams working on the different versions of maps. Thus some features are only going to exist on certain versions of maps for awhile. Latitude didn't exist on the android version for awhile, now it does.

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