Google Now widget not updating and smart lock issue


Google Now widget will work for a few days then it just stops updating. Long press of the home button does nothing to fix this.

Smart Lock trusted places does not recognize when I am home, even though it is set this way.


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Smart lock is buggy, works for some and not others and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why. It is meant to be fixed in MM.

Google now widget just works for me, I think it is great.

For both apps you could try clearing their caches in application manager and reset then both up.


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Wife has same phone (Note 4) as me, both gotten at the same time. She has Smart Lock but why don't I have it? Does anyone know how I get it? Both phones were updated today on Verizon.

EDIT: got my answer. For anyone who cares to get Smart Lock: Settings>Security>Trusted Devices>turn on Google feature>open, and customize
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