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Google Search Bar Popping Up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Claudia.Hernandez, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Claudia.Hernandez

    Thread Starter

    I need to know how to stop the Google Search/Voice Bar from popping up whenever it feels like it. :mad: I've tried to go into the settings to disable it but to my dismay it still keep re-appearing. Any ideas? :thinking:

  2. barefootpoet

    barefootpoet Lurker

    Yeah, me too!
  3. NacsMXer

    NacsMXer Newbie

    Same here, mine pops up ALL the time. The phone could be by itself on a table or charging, and the search feature/keyboard pops up on its own. I even exchanged my phone for a brand new Acclaim from US Cellular, and the new phone does the same thing...I think it's even worse! :mad:

    Now the search feature pops up immediately EVERY time I go to make a call (when the Dialing screen comes up), and sometimes on incoming calls. It's getting downright obnoxious.

    We seriously need a firmware fix for this, it's not just my phone or my second brand new phone. This seems like a widespread issue with many Acclaim owners.
  4. suXor

    suXor Well-Known Member

    While I am not sure what would cause it sitting by itself, the pressing of the magnifying glass will cause this to pop up. No way to disable it that I am aware of.

    It's a common peeve of users of any Android devices that has a capacitive key for the magnifying glass.
  5. NacsMXer

    NacsMXer Newbie

    It would be nice if the issue was caused by accidentally touching the magnifying glass, but it's clearly not the case here. It's definitely something with the programming or something else. My phone does it at random like it's some kind of software glitch. I could be typing out a text and the search will pop up for messages. I'll hit the back button to make it go away, and without touching anything else on the phone the search will pop up again.

    It also likes to go bonkers with the search every time directly after I use the "fast reboot" app. That very fact tells me it's something funny with the phone's programming, and not so much an issue with the button itself. I'm going to try to get a vid of its behavior on youtube when I get a chance.
  6. okwriter

    okwriter Lurker

    Lots of luck. Mine does this, too, and it's making me NUTS!
  7. Zdog53

    Zdog53 Lurker

    I'm debating on going back to Blackberry because of this. Has anyone figured it out yet?
  8. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    This does not occur on all Acclaims, but it does happen on some. I have seen a number of phones corrected by performing a Factory Data Reset (located in Settings > Privacy). Remember, this will clear ALL data on the phone! Back up your contacts.
  9. Eddie1KRR

    Eddie1KRR Lurker

    I tried that fix ^ at the advice of the tech guy on the phone. he said it fixes most of them, but not mine. Didnt work for me. I hope they come out with a fix soon. It's driving me nuts!

    As far as I know, my only other option at this point is taking a chance on a refurbished phone :(

    No updates on this yet huh?
  10. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    Eddie, remember that if you were to send your phone in for repair, what you would be getting back would be your phone refurbished. Advanced Exchange merely puts a phone in your hand in days rather than weeks.
  11. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Try going into the applications manager area and clearing cache and data from all Google apps.

    menu > settings > applications > manage applications

    Be sure to clear data as well as cache. Then reboot.

    You will have to reconfigure your gmail and any other Google based apps you've cleared data on.

    This is a better alternative than doing a factory data reset, because it targets the area that needs resetting instead of wiping all personal data and settings, etc from the system.
  12. Snarky30

    Snarky30 Newbie

    As a tech for US Cellular, I can tell you that it's definitely a know issue and a fix is being worked on. The problem is that it's hard to narrow down what exactly is causing the issue, whether it's hardware or software related. If you guys have a way of consistently duplicating the issue, PLEASE post it on here and we can get it to the right people and get this issue fixed quickly.
  13. Cmeyer

    Cmeyer Lurker

    When I am using the GPS either Google Nav or an app called GPS status I get the search menu about in the same spot on the highway everytime I am using the GPS. I can't say what happens without the GPS as the phone is in its pouch on my hip.

    It will pop up at nearly the same pot onthe higheay with either app. The time is usually within 20 minutes everyday as I drive home from work.

    It also has popped up for me running pandora sitting on my desk at work, but running a radio station streaming app at my desk it does not happen.

    The other thing I just thought of is in both cases the screen has been on for a long period of time, GPS and pandora setting to not shut off screen.
  14. Snarky30

    Snarky30 Newbie

    Thank you for that, Cmeyer. I'll definitely write that down and pass it on.

    And let me ask you and everybody else this: Do you guys notice it more when you're in a low signal area? Cmeyer, you mentioned that its always in the same spot on the highway, so to me it sounds almost signal related. I had a customer in here that suggested that, but I would love to get some more input from you guys. Next time you see it pop up, take note of how many bars are on your phones.
  15. Cmeyer

    Cmeyer Lurker

    I'm off today, so I can't check that spot this afternoon but will try to check on Monday.

    When I was using pandora in the office it was happening, but streaming a radio station at the same spot I have not seen it.
  16. aj444

    aj444 Newbie

    @snarky "low signal area" would sound reasonable to me. as I had this problem a little when I was in MD bout 3 weeks ago. but at home where i've got good coverage I don't believe i've ever seen it.
    but also even when I was in MD with poorish coverage, I think it only came up for me while it was charging, so I don't know if that plays a part or not.

    hope that helps
  17. bryandrummer

    bryandrummer Member

    I think i would like to confirm the low signal idea. I mentioned that in another post somewhere on a different thead here but my google search goes crazy when im in class. the building im in gets maybe one bar or roaming if im lucky. that and when im at my friends house where i get little signal i also have issues with a search function that has a mind of its own. anywhere else i have almost never had an issue
  18. Cmeyer

    Cmeyer Lurker

    At the interchange of I88 and I39 it popped up again for me. This time I had the screen set to stay on via the Development menu and was watching the screen under the about menu. Once I cleared the search from the menu I get a signal of -106. That was the lowest I saw on my entire drive home. It quickly returned to a -65.

    A few minutes later I got another -106 for maybe 5 seconds and I did not get the search screen.

    In a PM or email with a USCC address I would share my route information for more details.
  19. Cmeyer

    Cmeyer Lurker

    I watched my signal in reverse today coming in to the office and I never dropped to 100 as much as could see (Sun was in my eyes) and the search bar did not pop up.

    I will try to monitor it going home again tonight.
  20. cjpederson

    cjpederson Newbie

    I also think it might have something to do with low signal. I have pretty good signal in areas around my home and work, so I don't usually have this problem. BUT... I went on two trips last month. I had major problems with the search bar popping up during both of these trips. I had pretty poor signal during both trips (plus both were in roaming areas).
  21. Snarky30

    Snarky30 Newbie

    Thanks for all the input everybody. It sounds like low signal may be a contributing factor then. I know it's not happening everytime there is a low signal, but it sounds like it's a lot more frequent then.

    @cmeyer, I'm emailing my contact at our main service center with this info, and if we need your route info, I will definitely send you my USCC email address.
  22. Cmeyer

    Cmeyer Lurker

    It went crazy tonight at 88+39 106 signal to 65 and back and forth.

    I also got it at a 76 and 86 signal and then noticed I was on the 1x network.
  23. rmhcmp

    rmhcmp Lurker

    I have experienced this too. My guess is since the phone reacts to heat touch, it seems to be a static electricity issue. For example, it could be caused from rubbing your fingers of the search icon or pulling it out of a pocket and static electricity is activating it. It seems to go away after I manually call up the search function or hold it for voice activation - then hit cancel. Of course, all of this is in theory...
  24. mistah clutch

    mistah clutch Newbie

    that's bull and sounds like corporate talk to keep a known issue supressed. there's clearly a widespread problem, almost anyone i talk to about this phone has this problem, usually they think they're hitting it on mistake. A factory data reset doesn't fix this problem either.
    I can tell you that it definitely happens more often when your signal is bad. whenever i have one or no bars it seems to happen with a lot more frequency. speaking of reception, this phone's reception seems much worse than my previous phones from us cellular. my old phone had full bars at my house, this one goes in and out of EV/1x and rarely has full bars anywhere...
  25. Snarky30

    Snarky30 Newbie

    So U.S. Cellualr posted up the 2.2 Froyo update yesterday and I have several associates in my store with the Acclaim. They all have said that the search box issue has went for now. So go ahead and try it and let me know what you guys experience.

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