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Jun 13, 2009
London, Ontario. Canada.
So I got the Samsung S from bell.. took like 5min to root then I put 2.2 on it in about 20min... great phone.. tho i'm still keeping my rogers contact and my wife is going to take it over $15 bucks for 200min...

Anyways I got the Samsung S from Future-shop for $0.. they gave it to me with 3year contact for $50 and a $50 gift card that I used when I got the phone.. so net cost $0

The plan is $50 buck for 500meg and 200min and unlimited weekends and from 6pm also got caller ID and Voice mail as well... but if I end up not liking bell I will end up paying $500 to get out of the contact and thats the same price as the phone so its a win win..since I got it for $0 great phone I have to say amazing phone so much more then the last to phones I have had the Nexus1 and the x10.

I still love Rogers so I don't feel to bad since my wife is going to take over that contact... and I will give Bell a try...
LOL turns out I ended my contact with Bell and now have the phone unlocked and on the rogers network... they did give me what they said they would so I ended my contract with Bell and payed the $500 fee but thats the cost of the phone since I didn't pay anything for it in the 1st place..

When rogers get the Samsung S i'm going to order it as well. and see if I like the samsung captivate more then samsung vibrant. The one I like more I will keep and sell the other one and that will cover most my cost.
Lol nice detour..

How's the gps lock ? Did you see a better lock on Bell then Rogers or is it just as slow as reported on the net --Compared to Dream/Magic-- ?
There is a firmware update that made the GPS work alot better.."JP2" Also when Android 2.2 is official they will have the GPS fix as part of the update and it will work 100% I found the GPS to work great but some people are just picky and think it should work down to like 3 feet.. it works great with Navigation when your doing a road trip. but then thats what I only use the GPS for.. so for me I didn't see any issues.

But it works Great on Rogers network.. only thing I notice is Bell has better reception up north.. around the cottage.. but thats not a big deal.

Also I go down to the USA alot and rogers has really good plans if your going south of the boarder where bell has nothing really to offer.