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Root [GUIDE] The MEID thread didn't restore service, my phone # is 000-000-XXXX HELP

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by somedood81, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    Guide update: data working!!!

    This thread is for anyone who tried the restore service after losing MEID thread with no success.

    Hopefully you are coming here from that thread with a stock phone that has had its MEID reset with QDXM and the phone number is something like 000-000-5868... If this is not the case proceed with caution.
    heh, proceed with caution either way, this is not for the feint of heart. :cool:

    First and foremost the phone needs to be on the stock rom and not the stock root rom, if you followed the meid thread you should be ok but the root rom will not work for this process(I effed this one up myself, thats how I know :p)

    If you have signal but calls fail, dial ##6268* and enter 587846 if that works and you enter programming just press done, phone will reboot, call metro from another phone and ask them to help you reprogram, if 587846 does not get you in, this guide is for you. :D

    You need to have QPST installed on your system before beginning(google it).

    You should also know your MSL. (google whiterabbit android and enter your MEID DEC from underneath battery)

    Ok here we go...

    Just let me know what step you get stuck at(hopefully you won't) :p

    1. copy this file : https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B4inTf9bbFhiZjEwNDFkYjQtNGU5ZS00YzJlLTk1Y mEtZmQ2NTJlMmQyMmVm&hl=en_US

    To this location: C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\QPST\bin

    2. Fire up Qpst configuration with your phone plugged in, hopefully you see your phone here or know how to make it appear, Click start clients at the top then service programming. a window will appear you phone should be listed in active phones, click yes or ok...

    3. in service configuration click the little open folder button at the top and select that backup file you just placed into the bin folder, this will kick back to the main service programming screen this time with numbers...

    4. Settings tab, first tab, codes, service code, in this box enter your MSL

    5. Ok from here on we are going to go from tab to tab changing everything that is 9999999999 to your phone number, the first few had NAM1 and NAM2 buttons, look in both to make sure you are swapping all the nines. Dont swap the ones that have the zeros with a few random digits that you will see...

    6 M .IP tab you will see a white box with 2 lines of text click each and edit and swap out the nines for your number, leaving the mymetro. Then change mobile ip behavior to Mob + Simp f/back. initial registration retry 1750.

    7.PPP config tab, click the um button, change out the number and enter your msl in password box, do the same for the an tab.

    Then click write to phone and pray, if you still have no service, click menu about phone and see what prl, if its not 3017-3020 you should check the guide for updating to PRL 3020 in the main optimus m forum(link here later)

    Once you have service you still have to call metro from another phone to run thru the ##626* programming to be able to make calls unless you happen to know your MIN then just do it yourself. :cool:

    If you get stuck anywhere msg me, I have the phandroid app on my phone so i will get the message fast...

    Again, sorry about the sloppy 5 min tutorial, I will work on this more later. I just wanted to get this out here helping people, I had no guide to help me, would have ****ing loved to just follow someones step-by-step instead of learn how to do this :p


  2. puyow18

    puyow18 Android Enthusiast

    ha. I could've used this guide about 8 hours ago . . .
    I finally got my phone back up and running without using qpst.
    After I got my MEID and esn numbers restored (and my phone number was 000-000-0XXX) I put in ##626* in the phone dialer. A screen comes up asking for your service code. This is your six digit SPC code you input for LPGNST to work.

    Then press the top "Service Prg." choice.

    The first screen should show your correct MEID and ESN numbers. Press OK

    The next screen is for your MDN. If you don't see your 10 digit phone number, click EDIT and put it in. Click OK.

    The last important screen for us is the next one. This is where you put in your MIN, which for 95% of people is different than your phone number (same area code though). If you don't know what it is, you need to call Metro and ask what it is. Click EDIT, put in your MIN, then OK.

    After this, just keep pressing OK until you get to a screen that says "Basic NAM1 is completed". Click EXIT and your phone will restart, hopefully with full functionality.

    Like I said, this is the way I got my phone working again. Somedood81's guide via QPST is awesome, but I find QPST to be complicated to use, with or without a guide.

    Good luck everyone!
  3. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    This guide will help those who happen to have their SPC and GPS ID wiped, I went through the unbrick from lg screen thread to the MEID thread and ended up with no way to use ##626* programming...

    Thanks for your reply, it made me realize the other number I am dealing with in QPST programming is supposed to be the MIN, that's why running thru the steps as they are will end you up needing to do the ##626* programming still (which sure beats nothing at all) lol
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  4. How do I find out my service code? plz help
  5. macjay420

    macjay420 Android Enthusiast

    Go to Android - whiterabbit.org/android scroll down to MetroPCS on any Android phone
    Enter your MEID DEC from the sticker under your battery or on your box's label
  6. puyow18

    puyow18 Android Enthusiast

    What he said. Your service code will be the last number set on the right after you put your MEID into the website.
  7. surdeep

    surdeep Member

    does anyone knows how to find the MIN without calling metro
  8. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    not on a phone that has had it wiped, sorry, it's not a hard process for them to walk u thru the programming, takes less than 5 mins from dialing metro to finish
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  9. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    Just to update anyone who has used this thread or is using it currently:

    I have not updated the OP yet because I am feverishly working to restore data to my phone. Once I figure it out the OP will be updated and hopefully you can go thru the steps and start from a non working phone to a fully functional one.
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  10. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    I rock. :cool:

    Data is now working.

    Brick some more phone guys, I'll be here to help. :p
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  11. macjay420

    macjay420 Android Enthusiast

    Do I have to take it back to stock to get my data back?
  12. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    If you are in the state of working phone and no working data, on stock rom, fire up qpst service programming again and read from phone, goto m.ip tab,

    Mobile IP Behavior = Mob + Simp f/back
    Inital Registration Retry Interval: 1750ms

    Push back to phone and you should be rockin'.
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  13. macjay420

    macjay420 Android Enthusiast

    I tried it..it didnt work..so i took it all the way back to stock and started over and still says my mobile network state is disconnected any other ideas
  14. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    Yeah, just pull the data from the phone, save, and send me the file. you can edit out your phone number before saving it if you like. I'll have a look and send ya back a working one... Check your PM for my email.
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  15. Will this work if I've rooted my phone and deleted apps?
  16. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    This is for people that have zeroed out their meid. You just need to lgnpst the stock rom back if u messed up stripping apps.
  17. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    Or are you asking if my guide will still work after rooting and stripping apps, I would say prolly no garuntee but prolly....
  18. Well I have used ur guide and still have no service or Signal.
  19. somedood81

    Thread Starter

    What prl is it showing?
  20. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Android Enthusiast

    it shows no perl on phone but lgnpst shows all my phones info , wtf.
  21. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Android Enthusiast

    Already tried flashing the perl over 2x. It reboots in same condition everytime, lpg showing everything good.
  22. Does it still show no prl?
  23. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Android Enthusiast

    yes the phone shows no perl. so does lpgn.

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