Root has anyone returned to stock with blur?


just wondering..i kinda like how blur looks, i was going to SBF, Root, and deodex but stay with stock moto rom...

anyone? reasons?

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Never, because I literally never used a single Blur widget, and I hated having my toolbar be limited to two icons and an app drawer.

BUT, really, that's the beauty of using an Android phone. If you like Blur, use it. I don't like it, and I don't have to use it. No restrictions!


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I go back and forth between Blur and LPP... To be honest, the stock screen is not that bad...

There are things I like about Blur and things I don't like about it... AND there are things I like about LPP and things I don't like about it...

I stay on LPP for the most part but do switch back every so often...


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I like blur, i dont think is that Bad at all, Love LP but is a PIA looking for the right icons and the right dock and the right wallpaper to match everything else,,Ohh God to much work LOL :D, im kinda picky when it comes to customization and I go crazy when i have to many options, so for now i'll stick with blur cuz is simple :),