Help Having some issues with my Xperia Play


My play keeps having error codes on several applications and even when its just on the home screen :thinking: its getting very annoying now as i have tried a few methods to fix it that i tried through google, i am now wondering should i get a bigger (faster) memory card? as i only have an 8gb.

Also i have some games that i got with the phone such as FIFA 10, Sims, tetris and a few others and i can't uninstall them to free up memory :thinking:

Any help would be much appreciated thanks!


Try to uninstall aps and install them again, maybe it helps u. Card has nothing to apps cos i had 16gb class 2 (worst class) and everything was good (now i use it as memlry for movies on tablet).

To delete games u got with phone u need root cos they are on internal memory and they cant be moved using native app2sd.