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Hello All

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GJTRUEFAITH, Jan 3, 2013.


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    I received the Lg Optimus Elite from Santa:party: and am vey New to Android yet am so in love with my new phone already. I am looking into rooting however have not decided as I am a lil neurotic when it comes to doing my research before I even attempt to make tech changes. I am a quick learner and have learned everything I know about technology by researching it. Anyone willing to or whom wishes to guide me thru a root if Idecide to do so would be welcomed with open arms (NO I wont blame you if I "Brick" my phone LOL) I would love to hear about your favorite apps for rooting or otherwise. Im all ears and here to stay:D

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  2. Hadron

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    Hi GJTRUEFAITH, and welcome to AF :)

    Congrats on your Christmas present :D We have a forum for the Optimus Elite here, and there is a subforum in there for discussing rooting, so I'm sure the people there will help you out. Do check our the All Things Root Guide sticky post in the Elite All Things Root forum. I think you are quite right to do your research first - much better to avoid problems than to fix them :)

    For applications, you may want to visit the Android Applications forum here.

    Anyway, welcome again, and hope to see you around :)


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