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Help with AOKP

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by StrikerAndroid, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. StrikerAndroid

    Thread Starter

    Edit: The AOKP rom is amazing. Much better than stock rom except for a few problems

    1) How can i get my camera to work? I have google camera but it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.
    2) On stock rom, I was able to play videos up to 720p on YouTube. Now, the highest I can go is 360p. How can I go back to 440p or higher? I have used YouTube on my android the same week before and after flashing the rom.
    3) I flashed AOKP first, then I did a factory reset and rebooted. Could this be why I'm having so many poblems? My phone doesnt load apps most of the time and I have to optimize or restart.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. aurey2244

    aurey2244 Well-Known Member

    I really only had a problem with the camera, when seeing that I switched to cm11, waiting to c if adknight87 will release any new updates for cm12.1 or cm13 but I'm not too sure he will, can't rush anything tho so I'll keep on being patient. Right now I'd say cm11 is the best rom right now for this phone, use that instead
  3. StrikerAndroid

    Thread Starter

    Does the camera in cm11 work 100%? I've heard that it doesnt and I rely on it a lot. If not, I'l wait for cm12/13.
  4. aurey2244

    aurey2244 Well-Known Member

    Hold on try this first, goto to the play store and get open camera, that should fix the situation as that's the only way I figured out how to get camera working on this ROM flawlessly , maybe it could work for AOKP too, lemme know how this goes
  5. StrikerAndroid

    Thread Starter

    Yeah it seems to work so far... Does the snapchat camera on cm 11 work? If it does, I'll switch to cm11 since it seems much better than Aokp

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