Help with task making wifi cycle on/off repeatedly


New to tasker and watched a few videos and feel pretty comfortable with basic functions. I am having trouble with a profile I created. It turns off my Wifi when connected at work and I start the uTorrent app (so i'm not torrenting on my job's wifi account).
The problem I have is that it keeps cycling my wifi on and off. I originally had an exit task to turn the wifi back on and removed it to see if that fixed the problem. Doesn't seem to help. Am I missing something?

Profile Context: Connected to work Wifi (via SSID), uTorrent app running
Task: Turn off wifi
Exit Task: Turn on Wifi


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The problem is the app context is not "app running". Its "app in focus" meaning as soon as you press home or back or bring another app into focus, the profile is no longer active.
Well, it looks to me like it's working the way it should. Your context is wifi connected, your task is wifi off. So of course it's going to keep cycling because your profile is exiting as soon as the wifi is shut down in your task.
Adding the exit task would make it restart.
There is a check box you could Deselect in the properties of the profile to not restore the settings. That should keep the wifi off until you enable it again.