Root Hmmmm :-/

So, I attempted to install .595 on my phone today. I SBFed using Ubunto and flashed part 1,2 and 3 of .588 with no problems. Then I tried to flash .595 and got an error message that says "Can't Open /sdcard/ (bad) Installation Aborted"

I downloaded it again from a different source thinking the file was bad, but I got the same result. the zipped size for both files was 162,658kb. Any idea what's going on?

btw, .588 runs great!




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You could also make sure you have no other internet applications running in the background (utorrent, etc.). The more internet traffic you got going, the better the chance of the file coming in corrupted.


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check the md5 checksum on the file you d/l and match it with the good known md5, it should be listed where you d/l from


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Redownload the file from the above link, sounds like it got cut off because I've used it twice now without a hitch.


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So, I feel really stupid ... I checked the file size on the sd card and it was only 1k .. Doh!! .. I re-copied the file from my hard drive to the sd card and tried again and it worked. I don't know what hapened the first time, but now I feel like an idiot lol .... thanks for everyones help