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How can I stop my phone from reloading my apps whenever I come back to them?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by JD121, Aug 18, 2018.

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    This is driving me crazy. It's impossible to multi task. I'm on uber. I get a text message, read it, get back to Uber and now it's loading from scratch in the middle of my trip. Go to my browser to complete the post i was typing but now it's reloading, and it's cleared my message and now I have to type it all over again. Go back to Google maps and I have to re-search the place and the direction. On Skype, go to contacts to retrieve a number but now it's dropped my call. It's extremely frustrating.

    My phone is Huawei 2017 MYA L22. Its on Android 6.0. 2GB RAM.

    I've gone through all the battery optimization options on the phone but it hasn't solved the problem. I've also gone through the development option. I have a phone with 1GB RAM, although, really slow, it will never kill or reload apps, everything is right where I left it. With this phone I almost never reach 1GB of usage and it acts like I'm using everything it's got.

    It doesn't matter how long I'm gone for. It could be 1 sec...it'll still do it.

    It's not rooted (would love to root it but that's another problem. Can't find the method to).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated guys!


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