How can I turn off Sense with 2.1 ?


Before upgrading to 2.1, I was able to turn off Sense UI by following these steps:

How to: Turn off HTC Sense | AndroidGuys

Now, when I select "Clear Defaults" and hit the HOME button, all it does is take me back to the Sense UI home.

Does anyone know how to turn off Sense UI with the new 2.1 firmware? Rooting is not an option.



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1. You aren't turning off Sense; you are using an alternative home application. Sense is still always running.

2. Download a home replacement app from the Market (Helix launcher, GDE, etc) then press the home button and select your new default. There are all kinds of problems with launcher2.apk (the default 2.1 home) and the Hero, so it was left out.