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How to sync contacts to some sort of contacts using Linux...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by djuhl30, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. djuhl30

    djuhl30 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Is there some way to sync my contacts in Evolution, kmail(not prefered), thunderbird ( I found a round about way of doing it), or some sort of program just accessing the motorola cliq?

    The present way I do it requires me to import/export address books depending on what program I use to store the data. Google allows exporting a their calendar via Sunbird/Calendar, but I need to tell the program to update it... It'll download it via google servers.

    I need to login into google mail and export my address book and use it in Calendar(the development version of Thunderbird with Lightening for the calendar). This means I need to add new contact info directly via my motorola cliq, and then re-export my contacts via google mail, or do the opposite. I guess it is no big deal, but I just want a program that can do it all.

    I run Gentoo Linux, and any help someone can give would be appreciate. I don't want to run a emulator and window program also...


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  2. wolf31o2

    wolf31o2 Lurker

    Evolution already does everything that you need. Open Contacts, right click on an open space on the left and "Add New Address Book" and select Google. Now, enter your GMail credentials.


    -- wolf31o2
    (Former) Gentoo developer
  3. BillMcConnell

    BillMcConnell Lurker

    Like some others I have seen, I really, really want to avoid going through Google (or any other external server based source). I want to connect and exchange directly, in the same format, between my phone and my linux calendar/contact list. I am comfortable with any of the 'standard" linux apps, like kde, thunderbird, or evolution. I was very surprised not to see adaptions of some of these common formats in the android app market, because I am quite sure that there are others in the linux user world who have the same control-freak mentality.

    Bill McConnell

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