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I found my perfect sync solution

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dave L, May 6, 2010.

  1. Dave L

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    Apr 30, 2010
    Being Lazy

    I thought I would share this with you guys. I run Windows 7 64-bit and Outlook 2007 on my Desktop, Vista 32-bit on my laptop and my recently purchased HTC Desire.

    Like many of you I was having tremendous problems with syncing. HTC Sync is a piece of crap, then there's all the 3rd party stuff, one for syncing Calendar, another for Contacts etc. I just couldn't find a solution to sync Calendar and Contacts between my phone,desktop and laptop.

    All I wanted was a nice, neat solution to syncing. I wanted something simple and that didn't require forever to set up. I spent hours on the net last night searching for something suitable and last night I found it.

    It's a $40 solution and it means dumping Outlook but I think well worth it. You also need your Gmail account.

    First let me say am am not affiliated to, nor have any relationship with the software I am about to tell you about. Just a very impressed and happy customer.

    I found EssentialPIM Pro a Personal Information Manager with email. This looks very, very similar to outlook. I only loaded it up this afternoon and I am already up and running with 5-email accounts and sync. It's a doddle to use as well.

    This has sync built in for google as well as for outlook and Windows Mobile. Set-up involves just putting in your username and password, that's it. Just click on File > Syncronization > Google and off it goes. In no time both Contacts and Caledar are sync'd.

    I can now keep my phone Contacts, Calendar and email all sync'd and up to date without messing around with a USB cable and crappy HTC Sync to do it........ Well chuffed.

    Just as an aside, this is how I handle my email.

    For me my Desktop is central to everything I do. I have my 5-email accounts set up on here. It is set to remove the mail from the server once I download it. This way, once I have it on my desktop it's no longer available for my phone or laptop to pick up.

    My laptop has the same email accounts set up but it is set to leave the messages on the server. This means I can get my emails when I'm away. When I'm home the messages are still on the server when I check mail on my desktop.

    My phone is set up the same way as the laptop. If I'm out and about with no PC access I still get my emails. Again, when I get home I just check email on my desktop and everything is there.

    Of coarse, I still have up to date Calendar and Contacts where ever I am.

    Hope some of you find this of use.




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