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I have all these system/performance tools & am not sure I am using them right

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by slugbug, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. slugbug

    slugbug Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    (warning rant)

    Seriously. I have all these apps, and realized today that I don't think I have a real clue how to use them all to work well together. Especially now that I am rooted, running a custom kernel, etc...wtf am I suppose to do with these things, what is fighting each other, what is really helpful, etc. And then I see all these things listed under "Running Apps" (background mostly) and wonder - am I really doing myself and my Evo any favors?

    SetCPU - but don't really know what to set it on, apparently that changes with kernels, and I need to turn it "off" with a HAVS kernel. Right now I have it on max 1152000 (had read something about how there are a lot of reboots if set higher than 119), min is set to 245. Forget about the profiles.... I read that can screw up other things.

    JuiceDefender - wtf is it doing? Do I even need that when I have a custom kernel cuz aren't custom kernels (for the most part) suppose to ....do whatever Juice Defender is doing? I cant change the timing for night, etc. I ran setup, it auto-configured (I've done this after each new kernel is flashed), and that's....it.

    Spare Parts - mainly got that for fast animations. I can see battery info there, too.

    Juice Plotter - new. Just put that on today. Saw a cool graph and installed it. Another app to monitor stuff. Great

    System Panel - like it, understand it, love the monitoring. Let me "see" cpu use hovering around 30% when it used to be much much lower, jacked with a few things (I don't even remember now what) and now at night it's less than 3% which I think is the actual monitor itself.

    Y5 - LOVE this. By far my favorite. Easy. Get home and wifi comes on, leave and it goes off. No worries. I KNOW this saves my battery life and I don't even have to think about it. (but why do I still show bars for 3G when my wifi is on??)

    Android System Info - actually, I don't remember anymore why I installed it.

    Titanium Backup Pro - great. makes me feel safer knowing I have stuff backed up. But now that I can nandroid, AND I have AppBrain sysnicing my apps....what's the point? OH! I know - I can freeze apps I don't like versus uninstalling them. Read a few times freezing is better than uninstalling.

    Antivirus - easy. Good. Right? Hell I don't know, it's never flagged a suspicious download, I don't have any viruses that I know of.

    ASTRO File Manger- ok. This one is definitely great to have. So is App Organizer.

    (end rant)

    Basically just wondering if I/we really need all this stuff. Yes I know I can go to each App's website or google it and find out everything I need to know. I never installed any of them without first reading "install x, it will do y" but now there are so many ...... far all I know they are canceling each other out, or they may even be causing my battery to drain faster cuz some of them are listed under Running Services.

    I'm not looking for an explanation about each app I listed, I am just making a point and wondering if it is valid. Or not.

    I do wish there was a sort of one-stop-shopping place for how to use all the great apps to the best of their abilities and in conjunction with each other.

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  2. tmwilsoniv

    tmwilsoniv Well-Known Member

    I think you're catching on.
    Much of this stuff is just "Phone-Bling."
  3. uminchu

    uminchu Android Enthusiast

    Titanium does much more than you're giving it credit for, or pehaps realize. Just to name a few off the top of my head, it also backs up app settings and data, system data, wifi and bluetooth connections, protected apps, market dr, numerous batch options, etc. Not to mention the numerous functions that I've missed or haven't learned yet. IMO, Titanium is definitely a keeper (and well worth the $4 for the premium version).

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