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I should have waited....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Pertinax, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Pertinax

    Pertinax Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 14, 2009
    My goal when purchasing a tablet was to have something that was:

    1: Improved battery life.
    2: Better for entertainment.
    3: Still be productive for remote server work (RDP) and taking notes in meetings.

    I first purchased a Viewsonic G-Tab. This had a poor screen, horrible software and was unstable after installing a custom ROM. Basically a low end device with a nice processor. I then tried the Samsung 7" tablet. The build quality was great and the screen was nice but the 7" form factor was too small. I took the Samsung back and decided to wait for the Adam.

    I finally received my Adam about a month late. The build quality was better than the GTab but the battery life wasn't great and the LCD (standard LCD) wasn't much better than the G-Tab.

    While RDP and note taking was better than the 7" tablet I wasn't nearly as productive as I was with my netbook. Battery life wasn't very good either.

    So, a couple months later the ASUS Transformer comes out. It was the same price as the Adam with more memory, and a better screen in a smaller package. I didn't bite right away because I just spent $400 on the Adam. I waited for about a month to see what people thought of them and when the reviews were positive I finally got the Transformer with the Keyboard. What a huge difference! The tablet is better in every way. With the keyboard I can be productive, the battery life is great, the screen is great and the device is much better for entertainment purposes (games) than my netbook.

    So, the goal of replacing the netbook with something that is entertaining, has better battery life and still provides the productivity I need has been accomplished.

    From what I read on the Notion Ink site people are still buying Adams. In my opinion, unless you absolutely need the dual mode screen, the Adam is a bad choice.

    I gave my Adam to my 12 year old boy. He loves it but doesn't have to get any work done with it.

    Hopefully I have learned my lesson and will wait for the market to mature a bit instead of buying one of the first devices to hit the market.


  2. aarkayne

    aarkayne New Member

    Jul 7, 2011
    i made teh same hasty decision of buying the Adam and have regretted it ever since. Its a vastly inferior prodcut, with severly limited capabilities on Eden(LCD+3G+WiFi).

    I will end up running it through all sorts of rooting excercises to make it as un Adam like an more generic Android like as possible.

    I find my Nexus S a vastly superior product over it.

    Sorely disappointed....Notion Ink is all talk and blather and no delivery :-(
  3. Pertinax

    Pertinax Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 14, 2009

    What I find interesting is they feel it's important to control (sensor) feedback. I went to their forum and they won't even let people register with the site so they can post. Those that registered are likely people that registered before there was any real competition in the Android tablet space.

    Anyway, at least my 12 year old gets some entertainment value out of the Adam. Meanwhile I get more entertainment value from my Asus Transformer and am actually able to be productive when using the device for work.

    I am attempting to apply the early adopter lesson to my phone situation. I have an Evo 4G and want a phone with better battery life (#1 requirement) as well as better battery life and improved performance. I have skipped the Evo 3D and will likely skip the Photon unless a real review indicates significantly better battery life. At this point it looks like the Galaxy S II or the Nexus Prime will be the next purchase.

    I have always pulled the trigger early so for me to skip the Evo 3D and the Photon is an indicator that the Adam lesson is serving me well.

    Hope I have helped someone avoid the Adam trap.

    Sad but true: I actually like 'the little guy' and wish the Adam was a better product. I don't mind that battery life is a little short and it's a little thick. If the device had a better screen and that screen was responsive I would have been receptive. Their unique user interface is a classic 'too little too late' story and their lack of Honeycomb is a show stopper. I understand that Honeycomb isn't open source and Google hasn't given them what they need but I am tired of bearing the price for who they are and what they can't seem to accomplish.

    Bottom line the Adam was a first rate device in Feb. 2011. A second rate device in May of 2011 and doesn't even have a place in the top 5 today for the price. They better do something fast or their future looks dim indeed.

    BTW, a blog post with real content on their site every 3 weeks (rough average) doesn't help their case either. LOL

    Last minute thought: I had the Viewsonic G-Tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Adam and finally the Transformer. Looking back the Samsung Galaxy Tab was a noticeably better experience than the Adam. I have seen the Galaxy tabs cheap on woot.com and other sites lately so I would recommend one of them over the Adam for the following reasons.

    Better build quality.
    MUCH better screen
    ROM support (multiple updates including new Android versions)
    Great hacker community support
    Great accessories. (Cases, keyboards etc.)

    In fact the only reason I gave up my Samsung Galaxy tab was because I couldn't, at the time, find a good keyboard case combination. I really needed the ability to type on a real keyboard during meetings or doing RTP.
  4. kristalsoldier

    kristalsoldier Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2011
    I was also waiting for the "Adam", but their very odd sales and distribution policies disturbed me. What are they trying to do? Be a niche player in the Android tab scene? Anyways, I lost my patience with them and got the Acer Iconia A500, which is working extremely well as of now!

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