Ice Cream Sandwich


I have the Motorola Droid 4. Verizon is currently rolling out the mandatory Ice Cream Sandwich update, and I just got it yesterday. Now my phone is locking up when I try to do stuff. I use my phone as an alarm clock, and I can't find an app that doesn't lock up. Is there a way to get my phone to "get along" with itself?
Two suggestions
1. Re-Boot.
2. Re-Install ICS

My Razr had issues until I Re-Booted. I didn't have to go further.
FWIW: It took me two days to decide I liked ICS.
I was pretty happy with Ginger Bread... SO... I just had to re-learn a few things.


Android Expert
Some people had the same problem (including myself) when the razr got ICS.
Factory reset solved the problem most of the time. Guess the droid 4 has the same issue.