I cannot help it. Each year I find myself in search for original gift inspiration. No matter of the price. It has to be a perfect personal Christmas gift, fit for that person. What to do? Recognize that?
Do you need inspiration too? How did you solve this? Are you particularly happy with a gift you prepared for someone dear?

Since they are pretty expensive, we bought our cousins concert tickets last year (for Christmas, Sinterklaas, and their birthday. Like: accept this gift for all combined).
A flight ticket for my mom to visit her best friend abroad.
A gift bag filled with stuff for a nice evening together: wine, flower, chocolates, beers, music, a candle.
I was inspired to get something that my daughter would absolutely love this year, and money is a bit tighter, so everyone only gets 1 gift each this year (save for the small gift Santa always brings my daughter). My daughter is an absolute Disney freak, so I took that as inspiration, and got her one of those really nice charm bracelets from Kay Jewelers, with five absolutely darling Disney charms, and of course there is always the ability to add on at a later occasion. I think she is going to love it!
My husband picked out his own gift (coffee grinder) and since he knows about that and it was fairly inexpensive, I will surprise him with a Dr. Who (dalek) t-shirt, and a Walking Dead t-shirt (the walking Dixons). Two of his favorite shows.
My mom always gets clothes, and a warm nightie, and everyone else is getting gift cards to the movie theater, because I know they will use them.
I am done!:D

PS...I love that gift bag idea so much!
We all know what we're getting this year. Since it's all expensive, it's better to pick out our own gifts
I'm really bad at coming up with gift ideas. To the extent that I'm only trusted with getting something for the missus while she takes care of everyone else. Personally, I think she's taking way too much of a risk with that: she should get something she really wants and let me find out what I got her when she unwraps it - same way I find out what we got everyone else.

As it is, she doesn't even give me hints about what to get her :eek:

Which is absolutely not how it's supposed to work :hello2:

Over the years, I've only really come up with maybe three or four ideas that went down well. And apparently, you can't keep using the same idea.

Women, huh?
Ebeneezer P. Grinch here. I'd just like to point out that if you are struggling with gift ideas, it becomes more of an obligation or act of self satisfaction than a generous gesture...

yeah, same to you. :p

Okay, now to the topic. The best gift I ever gave was a game given to my brother. It was a handmade board game that just sums up our family. :D



Of course it's something that will take a bit of time to make. You can't just run out to the custom game shop and pick up on the 24th.

We used to buy my mother season tickets to the symphony for two and she would invite a different friend to accompany her to each performance.

Two of the most memorable gifts I ever received ... one year my mother-in-law gave me two grape vine seedlings. We never made wine, but they were a perfect addition to our garden. And, when my son was in school he took piano lessons. Unbeknownst to me all that fall he worked with the piano teacher to learn several of the Vince Guaraldi arrangements from the Charlie Borwn Christmas special so he could play them for me on Christmas morning.

... or you could give fruitcakes. ;)
My wife said as long as it begins with Michael and ends with Korrs, she's okay with it.

LOL, women.

Edit - why is k-o-r-s bleeped out?
For gift ideas I will listen to what people say they like, or want, or need for several months before hand. More often then not I'll end up with something they will enjoy :)
What's KORRS?

I wouldn't budge for a small box unless it said Televue, Stellarvue, Pentax or Vixen.
They all make eyepieces for telescopes. Jewelry be damned, I don't want it.
For some reason the site censored k-o-r-s so I just typed Korrs, don't know why really.

We regularly get spammed by counterfeit jewelry and handbag outfits. One way to combat that is to make the site inhospitable for that sort of thing so the admins add filters for certain things when they hit. It would be a safe bet that K*** is on that list.
I bought Nexus 5 for my bf and im pretty sure he will be happy =) if not, then i will be helping to pack the luggages :D Im hoping to get Sony SW2, if not, then I will be helping to pack the luggages again :D Nono, not really, actually im hoping to get something else than sw2 because im not a kid anymore to choose my own toys... i would be happy if i got socks, gloves and some fancy scarf AND chocolates...
I'm not participating this year. I have not bought one single gift nor do I want any gifts. Unlike my good friend who is Ebeneezer I am just not into the spirit this year that is all. It does not feel like Christmas and I just refuse to believe that it is.