Root [International] Email App Password Recovery [GT-N7100]


Hi People,

This is my first post in any forum ever. I am planning to install CyanogenMod on my GT - N7100. The problem is, although I have backed up all my data with Titanium Backup, I am unsure about my email client. The thing is, I have an email configured on the resident email app of Samsung. For the life of me, I cannot remember the password of it. The Titanium app shows me it's backed up with a Red smiley next to it. So I don't think the settings are backed up. I have searched everywhere and have come up with nothing. My phone is already rooted.

It would be of great help if anyone could guide me.

Thanks in advance.


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Can you try logging in from a browser, and then simply try to have your password reset, saying you forgot your password, hopefully you have a back up email address, for recovery.