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Internet connection causes game crashing?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kiseki, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. kiseki

    kiseki Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys, I just got myself a Galaxy Tab 10.1, but not without any issues.
    I just finished downloading stuffs from the market and start trying things out.

    I just found out that my Angry Birds games (Original, Rio, Seasons) are always FC (force close) itself all the time. It occurs almost everytime during first gameplay. The birds didn't even have the time to launch. It just kicks me out to the tab home screen, and that's it. No error message at all. All 3 Angry Birds games are the same.

    After going thru some experiments and frustations, including factory reset, flashing custom rom, stock rom, etc... what I found is a bit strange.

    If I disable the network connection (wifi/3G mobile data), the games work fine!
    Yes, I tried it over and over again, and it works that way.
    100% crash with connection on, all smooth with connection off.

    I don't know what could be the cause. Do you guys have any idea?
    Is this normal or known issue? Are there any settings I set wrong? Might it be related to the ads in-game? or maybe something else?

    So far I only get this issue with Angry Birds games. Hope I don't have to get a replacement.

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  2. SuaveFrog

    SuaveFrog Newbie

    If I had to guess, it'd be due to the ads in-game because any errors would cause the whole thing to crash.. but then, we'd be getting a lot more complaints about this. sucks that's happening though.

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