Jul 16, 2013
Hello all,

I just recently purchased a mint condition Nexus 10 from C/L for 325, it was quite a steal. I purchased this for her since she wants to replace her bulk Inspiron laptop, and her being a small framed Japanese girl that she is, she wouldn't be able to lug it around all day.

The issue is that she will be selling her old laptop and primarily using the Nexus 10 as her new "laptop" with a bluetooth keyboard from Poetic. But for whatever reason when she is attempting to download docx files from the web from her teachers website she receives an error that the file can't be open. I tried various apps and attempted to even convert the file though it seemed to lead in failure every time. So I simply opted to converting the needed files from my PC through her Google Drive which she primarily uses anyway. Though in the near future she may not have access to a pc, my question is how can I resolve this? Why can't I open docx files whereas I can open every other file?

Sorry for the long post, though, it was something that I simply couldn't figure out :( so hence why I came here to ask.

tl;dr How can I open docx files downloaded from the browser from a Nexus 10?

Hi ravemirror - Welcome to Android Forums!! I know you can open a docx file by using Office Suite Pro. It costs a couple bucks but will open all of the Microsoft Office documents that end in 'X'. Hope that helps! :D

I tried it before and it still gives me the same message. And for whatever reason when I download the file it is renamed to "=" I really am at a complete loss over something that may be so simple to fix :(
Sounds like it may be a problem with the phone itself. I have numerous documents that end in 'x' and office suite opens them all with no problems. Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with it. :(
Apparently the problem lies in the app used to download the file. Since it is unknown, and if the file size is correct etc., then maybe a file rename with a .docx ext will do. I am not too sure how to do this on the N10 though.