Help Kies Problem


Kies seems like it could be a valuable tool.

But it does not seem to see the data on my Galaxy S!

I have the latest version, and latest firmware on my phone.

The Galaxy and Kies connect just fine.

I click the Contacts widget in Kies. It shows my Galaxy as a connected device.

It shows 0 contacts, however!

I see no icon to "load" them.

I create a contact in Kies. I click the icon to "apply the changes to the device" and a window pops up for a second claiming that the changes are being applied.

I go to the Galaxy and I do not see the new contact.

It is like the Kies code I have is just a shell with no code to do any actual work. :(

Is this the best forum to seek help?

Or can someone point me to a better place?