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Kies really sucks

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Waleedq8, May 16, 2011.

  1. Waleedq8

    Waleedq8 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Directly after downloading latest version of kies in my PC and updating SG2 firmware; It does not recognize the device any more! its give me "this device is not supported by kies" !??

    I uninstall kies and reinstall the old version, it recognized it first time in which goes into backup process, but end up receiving the same message!! can not recognize the device.:mad:

    any thought !??

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  2. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Android Enthusiast

    Yep. Its sh1t. I would suggest. Uninstall kies. Reboot and try again. Make sure you get correct kies for sgs2 from samsung.com
  3. GGMan

    GGMan Lurker

    Remove phone and reboot PC, launch Kies and once loaded plug phone in.

    NB: there an option to install phone diver with kies.
  4. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    I've found Kies to be great, you just have to be patient and use the correct version for your model. I have several Samsung's and a few versions of Kies. Also be sure to restart your computer between each driver package you install, they must be done in sequence or it will not see your phone. What happens to most people in the excitement of getting a new phone or eager to make mods, is they don't install the drivers before installing Kies, it makes difference. Once done right, Kies works fast and easy.

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  5. ukplay

    ukplay Newbie

    I found using Kies air via wifi worked best - i too couldnt get my laptop Kies installation to detect the phone...
  6. Red5hark

    Red5hark Lurker

    Just started Kies on phone, typed in the URL the phone gave me and all was sweet, unsure what the issue is here...I didnt install Kies on my PC at all, is this needed for a software update? as Im sure I have read that Samsung have started OTA transfers and updates.

  7. Nightsabre

    Nightsabre Newbie

    I'm getting something similar after using Kies to update my SGS2's firmware.
    Starts up ok, recognises the phone, and then just hangs.
    Tried rebooting - no joy.
    Next thing is to uninstall and re-install and see where that gets me.

    My first time using Kies... not a pleasant experience.

    When Apple accused Samsung of copying them, I didn't realise Samsung had gone to the trouble of making Kies mimic iTunes... and equally sh*te piece of software.
  8. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    Sadly this is far from true. iTunes is waaaaaaay better than Kies.

    Firstly, Kies won't sync iTunes music, unlike iTunes which naturally does it fine and in my experience of the last three years, has never caused me any problems at all.

    Secondly, Kies doesn't run on a Mac at all (unlike iTunes ;)) and Kies Mini, which does run, doesn't support Samsung's flagship phone.

    I really wish Kies were 'as bad' as iTunes, sadly it's not even close. This is a great phone but the desktop integration sucks hairy balls. It isn't possible to sync music properly even if you are prepared to shell out for a third party app. I love the phone but I am extremely unimpressed with the virtually non-existent desktop integration :mad:.
  9. stevehy

    stevehy Well-Known Member

    Coming from an iPhone4 I also was concerned about music syncing (and photos) as a very long time iTunes user. I have a Mac and use Sailing Media Sync, and all my music, playlists, and photos were properly transferred and synced to the SGS2. Was expecting the worst and was delighted to find an easy (really easy) solution.:)
  10. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    My entire iTunes library was moved right into my SG2 with no problems.

    2nd SG2 to arrive tomorrow!
  11. Nightsabre

    Nightsabre Newbie

    All I can say is "Not from my experience"! :rolleyes:
    But that's another story - lets try and keep this thread on Kies problems and (hopefully) solutions.
  12. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    I had never thought that my music collection, the vast majority of which was ripped from my own CDs, was particularly large, but although I have a 32GB micro SD card, that's not even close to being big enough for my ~100GB music collection.

    Consequently I have to pick what music to sync and that's where the problem arises. None of the software I have found (DoubleTwist, iSyncr, Salling Media Sync, The Missing Sync, SyncMate and probably others that I've forgotten) can do this properly.
  13. lob

    lob Android Enthusiast

    Getting message when I try to connect the phone that Kies can not connect because the phone in in the wrong mode. It say it needs to be in 'PC studio mode'?

    Ever since last firmware upgrade It has mounted as mass storage rather than connect to Kies.... I didn't mind this but now I need Kies to upgrade.

    Stupid crapware...

    EDIT: Bit of an idiot... Had USB Debugging on. Works now. Still horrible software though.
  14. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    How easy to blame for user induced error.

    Kies is simple and gets the job done. It may not be the best but go and try Companion Pro for $40 and it is WORST!:eek:
  15. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    Maybe we could move some of our terabytes of music somewhere else for a little while and let Kies sync what you want.:eek:
  16. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    While I appreciate the suggestion, that would be a giant shag. I change what's on my phone quite frequently, or at least I would if I could find any good software to do it for me. Having to move 60GB of music, delving into the innards of my iTunes directory to find what I want, syncing and then moving the 60GB back would literally take hours each time I wanted to add one album to my phone.

    All I want is a simple list that I can tick/untick or drag and drop like iTunes. I really don't think that's asking too much but at present this literally seems to be impossible, which amazes and frustrates me.
  17. mystvearn

    mystvearn Android Enthusiast

    I'm getting my phone soon, should I go ahead update firmware and stuff or just let it be and let samsung roll out 2.3.4?

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