Help Location Turns ON During Battery Saver Mode


When my phone hits 14% and 3%, the Battery Saver mode kicks in automatically.
I have a Droid Mini with Android 4.4.4.
I have not rooted this phone. It's original.
The Build date is Sat Apr 1 00:51:01 CDT 2016, Build number SU6-7.7
Android security patch level 2016-04-01
System version: 24.21.7.obakem_verizon.Verizon.en.US
RAM size = 2 GB
ROM size = 16 GB

I think this all started a few weeks ago. I've set all my items to update and deleted a bunch of apps to verify that this problem wasn't caused by those. Right now, I just have Verizon Security & Privacy, Skype, Fly Delta, United Airlines, World Gym, Pandora, Audible, Google Play (suite), Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Calm, Crunchyroll, SparkPeople, SparkQuote, SparkCoach, Youtube, Notes, etc. I think that this started when the Verizon Security app updated.

I can't think of any more information to tell ya.