Help Low battery life


Android Question

I'm using Lenovo A5000 and my battery has no problem going from 100% to 40% during morning even when I'm not using my phone at all. It's on standby with both WiFi and Bluetooth off, I also clear my cache and close all the apps after I use them. Even when I charge my phone to 100% and then go to sleep, when I wake up 6 hours later, it's on 80%.


The battery drives me nuts. No matter how little I use the apps or wifi. I handle the brightness manually and I don't have a hotspot or anything running. At least I think so. What can I do? I missed my important alarm this morning because my phone died within 6 hours even when it was at 26% when I went to bed.



Smoke me a kipper...
You've probably got some rogue process keeping it awake, in which case you need to identify the culprit in order to do something about it.

Try installing GSam Battery Monitor, charging the phone up, leaving it in standby for a few hours, then see what is using the power.