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LTE speeds

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by vr4, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. vr4

    vr4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    what are you seeing?

    when i first got my razr i was seeing about 20Mbps down and around 15 up. late at night i could get more but not on a regular basis.

    now im getting around 6U/5D in the exact same location. ive noticed its been getting slower and slower over time.

    FWIW im in vancouver, wa (about a mile north of the OR/WA border.) my speeds are slower all around portland metro.

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  2. NYankee

    NYankee Well-Known Member

    Probably more and more people have 4g phones and using the connection. It's only important for downloading files. That kind of speed is beyond perfect for streaming video/music.
  3. vr4

    vr4 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i understand more users means slower speeds. just trying to get an idea on what others are seeing.
  4. tensazan

    tensazan Android Enthusiast

    I had 2 bars of 4g on my thunderbolt at work and was getting 11Mbps down and I think 10 up
  5. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    I usually get 20+ down and 4+ up. My home internet was down for much of yesterday, and, of course, i was working from home. I turned on the hotspot and didn't even notice a slowdown from my 30+ Mb/s home internet.
  6. Dieben

    Dieben Android Enthusiast

    LTE was just turned on 2 weeks ago here in a small town of around 20,000 people separated from civilization by 50 miles of mountains and wilderness.

    It started off around 40 megs both down and up.

    A few hours later it was down to 30.

    The next day it was around 25.

    Then 20.

    Then ....

    Now 2 weeks later it's around 12 down and 14 up (why is -up- faster?)
  7. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    I'm in Sacramento, CA for my daughters graduation and at 3:20am I got 35MB down and 13MB up.

    But a weeek ago at 6:20pm I got 13MB down and 12MB up.

    This seams to indicate that the number of phones accessing data affects the speed considerably. Even so 13 down and 12 up is extremely fast for a wireless phone.

    I actually used my Maxx HD as a hotspot for my laptop about 10 days ago when I was in Vegas, ( the casino hotels charge quite a bit for internet connectivity) and It was plenty fast.

    So I'm waiting patiently for my next smartphone to be announced/release sometime in the Summer of 2014.
  8. xTye

    xTye Well-Known Member

    Yeah when I went down to visit in Vancouver (I'm from there, moved up north) I was getting pretty slow speeds.

    Pretty sure it's because of so many people being in Vancouver that are using 4G phones.

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