Map network drive on device


Hi all.
I have a litle problem figuring out how to solve the following scenario.
My work email is connected as a IMAP account to my Android device.
I also have this Android Device connected to work with VPN.
On my computer on work I have a folder that I store different files I find usefull in my line of work.
The problem is this:
- I want to be able to save files I recieve on my email to the folder stored on my work computer.
This works great on my home office computer. But I'm afraid I can't make it work on my Android device.

Anyone have any hints on how to solve this:thinking:


Sorry you cant do it. There is no way you can map a network drive/folder to any kind of android device. Yes it sad and pathetic IMO that after years of android be out there is no way to do this.


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Have you considered saving the file locally on your device then moving it over? If you shared the folder on your PC then it will be available via a file browsing app like ES File Explorer (free in the Market).

I have several shared folders on my PC and when I need to send or get files I simply open ES File Explorer, swipe to the right to get to the "server" screen and browse my shared folders as if they were local. All you need to do in the "server" page is add a new server. In your case, being VPN, all you need to know is the local IP of your remote PC and add it as a server using the Windows user name and password of the PC. Works like a charm locally so I see no reason for it to not work through VPN.