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Megatron 6.0.4 files not working in UOT?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xaelith, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. xaelith

    xaelith Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I was trying to do a little research for the theming guide, so I hopped over to UOT kitchen, uploaded the necessary files, and made the changes to the part of the theme I'm researching. When my file finally finished in UOT Kitchen, I was given an SHTF error, and this is what the SHTF file said:

    Code (Text):
    2. Error log: UOT-01-12-10-53-1-SHTF.txt
    4. Decompiling SystemUI.apk UOT-01-12-10-53-1
    5. I: Framework installed to: /root/apktool/framework/1.apk
    6. I: Baksmaling...
    7. I: Loading resource table...
    8. I: Loaded.
    9. I: Decoding AndroidManifest.xml with resources...
    10. I: Loading resource table from file: /root/apktool/framework/1.apk
    11. I: Loaded.
    12. I: Decoding file-resources...
    13. I: Decoding values */* XMLs...
    14. I: Done.
    15. I: Copying assets and libs...
    16. Compiling SystemUI.apk UOT-01-12-10-53-1
    17. I: Framework installed to: /home/uotftp/apktool/framework/1.apk
    18. I: Smaling...
    19. I: Building resources...
    20. aapt: /lib/libz.so.1: no version information available (required by aapt)
    21. /home/uotftp/port5/data/working_dir/UOT-01-12-10-53-1/su_dec/res/values/arrays.xml:3: error: Found tag reference-array where item is expected
    22. /home/uotftp/port5/data/working_dir/UOT-01-12-10-53-1/su_dec/res/values/public.xml:317: error: Public symbol array/shutdown_reboot_actions declared here is not defined.
    23. /home/uotftp/port5/data/working_dir/UOT-01-12-10-53-1/su_dec/res/values/public.xml:316: error: Public symbol array/shutdown_reboot_options declared here is not defined.
    24. Exception in thread "main" brut.androlib.AndrolibException: brut.common.BrutException: could not exec command: [aapt, p, --min-sdk-version, 10, --target-sdk-version, 10, -F, /tmp/APKTOOL3450264975713879024.tmp, -I, /home/uotftp/apktool/framework/1.apk, -S, /home/uotftp/port5/data/working_dir/UOT-01-12-10-53-1/su_dec/res, -M, /home/uotftp/port5/data/working_dir/UOT-01-12-10-53-1/su_dec/AndroidManifest.xml]
    25. at brut.androlib.res.AndrolibResources.aaptPackage(AndrolibResources.java:255)
    26. at brut.androlib.Androlib.buildResourcesFull(Androlib.java:324)
    27. at brut.androlib.Androlib.buildResources(Androlib.java:269)
    28. at brut.androlib.Androlib.build(Androlib.java:192)
    29. at brut.androlib.Androlib.build(Androlib.java:174)
    30. at brut.apktool.Main.cmdBuild(Main.java:188)
    31. at brut.apktool.Main.main(Main.java:70)
    32. Caused by: brut.common.BrutException: could not exec command: [aapt, p, --min-sdk-version, 10, --target-sdk-version, 10, -F, /tmp/APKTOOL3450264975713879024.tmp, -I, /home/uotftp/apktool/framework/1.apk, -S, /home/uotftp/port5/data/working_dir/UOT-01-12-10-53-1/su_dec/res, -M, /home/uotftp/port5/data/working_dir/UOT-01-12-10-53-1/su_dec/AndroidManifest.xml]
    33. at brut.util.OS.exec(OS.java:83)
    34. at brut.androlib.res.AndrolibResources.aaptPackage(AndrolibResources.java:253)
    35. ... 6 more
    Any ideas?

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  2. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Android Expert

    That makes both of us buddy,

    UOT was updated a month ago and ever since then many users have been experiencing the same error.
    The UOT developers dont exactly seem to care much to do anything right now so no word on when it will be fixed. Megatron 6.1.0 will only be avilable in blue ics because thats the theme i was modding while in the development of 6.1.0
    dmcjr22 and xaelith like this.
  3. xaelith

    xaelith Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well that sucks. Guess we'll just have to do our theming elsewhere. :p

    EDIT: It would seem that's easier said than done, though. :rolleyes: A couple google searches haven't turned up anything worthwhile so far.
  4. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Android Expert

    Manual theming is your only choice.

    Thats what im doing for the marquee. Yes megatron 6.1.0 will be launching for the marquee most likely on the same day or a couple days after the 6.1.0 release for the ultra. Unfortunately since i was modding stock umthemed files i will have to do the theme manually for them. I'll be doing on theme. ICS
  5. xaelith

    xaelith Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I guess I'll have to when the time comes. Unfortunately, I was trying to figure out the differences on the xml files between a simple animated notification menu background versus a complex one, so that I could get that part of the theming guide done this weekend (text-wise, anyway). Now it looks like I may be SOL until UOT gets fixed. :(
  6. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    check out UOT thread in xda... people are getting annoyed.
    but this works for me as a work around.... only for images not for xml edits

    UOT allows u to upload a cm7 theme apk instead of a systemui and framework file. look around for a cm7 mdpi theme that still works in uot. i found one called yingyang_cm7.
    when u are done themeing and download the UOT file unzip it and yank out whatever images u made and use 7zip open archive to drop them in the right place (systemui or framework) then adb push, ziptheme etc to get the new files on your phone.

    however cm7 themes often have extended names "frameworks_res_stat_sys_battery_20.png" instead of our "stat_sys_battery_20.png" so unless u want to manually rename 200 files, use a program like FastStone photo resizer to batch rename.
    FastStone is also good for batch resizing and converting HDPI to MPDI (96dpi)

    I used this method to get battery and quicksetting icons (I think i used a cm7 theme called mellowyellow for the quicksettig icons)

    screenshot-1358041892985.png screenshot-1358042027892.png

    Its a pain in the neck but works, remember its only for images, u can try for xml files but ud probably mess up ur phone
  7. xaelith

    xaelith Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well, if all goes well, it should still give me the option to add an animated notification background, and download the appropriate apks so I can see what got edited and where compared to a standard apk.

    Fingers crossed....
  8. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    Ya just be careful bc sometimes changes are made to more than ne XML. Good luck...

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