May 13, 2013
Hello Helpful forum,
I'm having an issue calling 3 specific phone #'s. The funny thing is: they are all phone #'s for my work place! When I dial them, via contacts or manual dial, that crazy sound comes on saying "we're sorry, your # cannot be completed as dialed..."

I was running Liquid Smooth, and it didn't look like I lost anything. I still did an NV restore... no dice. I then did Odin back to stock. Still no go. The funny thing is, I can call any other number in the world, except those 3.

Metro Cus Service is working on it, they say, but they sound clueless. I thought I would run it by you guys. If anyone knows anything, that would be great.

I do want to say, no matter the turnout, that this community had been absolutely amazing. I can't thank y'all enough for what you've done for this phone already.