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Milestone contacts import and delete problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by joboy, Aug 15, 2010.

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    Hi there,

    I am new to this phone I am from the Nokia world, and I exported my contacts as vCard and I've 170 of them, when I import them to the Milestone it found 800 of them !! anyway I let it finish and I see all contacts have repeated entry, and some are cross linked, although they are usable I decided to re-do it. I then try to delete all contacts on the contact menu but nothing happened, after searching the net I know the only way to delete all contacts is to remove it from the setting menu, this is weird and I assume this is a bug.

    After that I import the contacts again, this time 380 was found !! I did not touch the original backup I don't know what caused that, anyway I import again, but the contact never show up on the phone, although there is usage on the setting->application->contact storage, I don't know what went wrong, I re-do the import few times but still nothing shows up. Since I don't want to expose my friends' contact to 3rd party so I disabled the auto sync., and I don't even sync. to Outlook, I only want to have the contact on my phone and only on my phone, is it impossible to do it with Android !?

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