Missing Features from 2.3.6


Received recently my new SII and was already upgraded to ICS 4.0.3. I found some missing features from the Gingerbread 2.3.6 that was on my Xperia Pro, that I really liked:
1- In the contact menus, there was an option to merge duplicate contacts , this is gone now.
2- In the phone menus, there were 5 tabs, the fifth comes by sliding, it was the contacts, so, then I did not need both the phone icon and the contact icon to be present in the 4 main icons in the main screen, the phone for example was enough to reach both the phone and the contacts.
3- I was able to delete any of the 4 main icons in the main page and substitute with any other, now I can not do that.
4- In the contact groups, I was able to edit the name of the group, now I can not. I have to delete the group and add another one, and if I mad a typing mistake in the name , I have to delete and add another group.

Am I mistaken and those options are still in the ICS ?

Thanks for any input.


Go in the contact you want to merge with, press menu key and select "Join contact". You will actually have two contacts in one. You can also "Separate contacts" from the same menu.
Yes you're right, they are separate now. For me it's better. As for you, you can search a contact by letters in your numpad. For example, if you want to call somebody called David, type 32843. (It will display all contacts with letters coresponding to these digits and also search for this sequence in numbers)
Go into the App Drawer ("applications" icon), press menu button and select edit. You can move the app icons, including the four main (excepting the "Applications"/"Home" icon)
You can rename a group in the "Groups" tab: tap and hold on the group name and select "Edit group". There you can change the name. You CAN'T rename or delete DEFAULT groups ("family", "friends", "co-workers").


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Thank you VladR. I will try them all, and probably get back to you again.
But regarding point 1, do you mean I will have to do it one by one ? In GB, the SW will find all the duplicates in one run ( for me was 52 out of 800 contacts) and when I did chose merge duplicate, the SW did them all in one second.