Help Motorola Droid Calendar Problem


Nov 25, 2009
I have placed 3 all day events in my Google Calendar. All three have full addresses (anticipating the need for navigation via the Droid). All three sync and show up on the Droid calendar. Two have no addresses displayed (the Where part is missing)! One shows a proper address.

I have deleted and recreated one of the address-less events in Google Calendar. It just does not show the address on the Droid.

I added the address on the Droid successfully. It got stepped on by the next sync.

Additional info: The two events that do not display addresses on the Droid DO display maps on Google Calendar. The one that displays an address on the Droid DOES NOT display a map on Google Calendar.

Anybody know what is going on?
I had this same issue. In fact, just back from Verizon to see what they could come up with. Their only suggestion was to shorten the address on the Google calendar on my computer. I did that with two different appointments, making the address as short as I could and using only the zipcode instead of the full city and state. With this shortened version, it displays on the phone and tapping it brings up the map application. Obviously, one's calendar on the phone needs to be able to show the address of the appointment. It's pretty useless without this function. I hope Google addresses the need for a truncated addresss in their next update. I don't always know the zipcode for my appointments.
I just noticed it too, if I edit the entry on the web calendar then the phone looses the location/where field but if i enter the where/location on the phone it stays.