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Must have 2.1 apps?!?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by morpheus2n2, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. morpheus2n2

    morpheus2n2 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok now people are getting 2.1 I was wondering what are the must have or most usefull apps to have for 2.1, when listing them please let us know if there for root, and if pos an appbrain like :)

    To start it of I have

    MUST MUST HAVE :) Angry Birds
    Adobe Reader
    XPERIA FlashLight
    AppBrain App Market
    Skype Not got round to using this yet as I got no contacts on it lol
    Google Earth
    Free Advanced Task Manager I know theres a lot out there but I found this one the best option for 2.1 currently.
    Dolphin Browser

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  2. GS9000

    GS9000 Newbie

    These were currently installed on my Galaxy S 2.1 as well, so i've downloaded them the same to the X10i:

    1. Andriod Mate - best for explorer/task management/install manager
    2. Advanced Task Manager - works best in task killing, easy setup
    3. Lookout Antivirus - doesnt take much memory
    4. First Aid - you never know when you'll need it, so read ahead to get prepared
    5. Angry Birds - bring on the fun
    6. Instant Heart rate - quick way to know you are in good heart rate
    7. Floating image - better way in viewing your pictures

    Thanks for the tip Morph, I will have to try the Dolphin browser, I have the Opera mini.
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