Sep 8, 2011
Cardiff, UK
First - "Hi", from a new Android user.

Now - Two straight questions.

1. Is anyone out there using the Navionics app (marine navigation) on their SII?

2. When you buy an app from Android Market via a PC, is it possible to lie about what make / model of phone it's going to be downloaded to.

In more detail - I'm due for a phone upgrade under the terms of my pay-monthly contract and decided to take the plunge into Android. A major influence on the decision was the ability to run the Navionics app.

I took an Orange Monte Carlo phone but found that I could not find the app in Android market from my phone. I went to Android market from my PC, found the app, entered my Gmail credentials etc. but had the message, "This item is not compatible with your device".

Sure enough, that phone is not on Navionics' list of, "Certified compatible", phones. Navionics themselves say it should work on any Android phone running 1.6 or above. I'd gladly have taken the risk if only Android Market had allowed me to buy the app.

I've returned the phone under the terms of my contract (it had also developed an intermittent fault) and have done more research. I'm drawn towards the Samsung Galaxy SII. BUT - Navionics' list of certified compatible phones seems only to include older versions of currently available phones - In this case the Galaxy S. (It's the same sort of problem with other brands and models.)

I'm confident the phone would run the app if only I could be sure of bieng able to download it.

So, that's the background. Any constructive responses gatefully received. Thanks in advance.
Is this the one?
Marine: Scandinavia East - Android app on AppBrain

Well, I've seen a reviewer who was running it on Galaxy S, which by right means it should run quite well on SII.

I've searched the Market for the app, and also cannot find it on my SII. However, the Market is NOT the only way to install apps. e.g you can go to appbrain, where they give you a QR code to scan and install. I am not so sure how the payment for that will be processed though.

p.s u need to download barcode scanner and (maybe) appbrain first though.
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I just had a look on my S2 and I can find Navionics, at least 20 different locations.
I looked on my pc in the market and the market says this app is compatible with all your phones (Hero, Desire, Galaxy Tab and my S2)
I am from the Netherlands on T-Mobile but at the moment in Sweden. So prices are in Swedish Kronors over here.
A few weeks ago I was looking for a Nautical Chart app and for sure it was in the market to when at home.
So maybe your location or your provider blocks something.

On AppBrain some users say it does not work with 2.3.....
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Its Dutch because I am. But it says it is compatible with all my toys,
And the 89,74 KR is because am reading the market from Sweden



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Thanks for the quick responses, lobo76 and Rexio.

Yes – That's the app., although it's actually the UK / Holland one I 'm interested in.

It's interesting that you have different experiences when you look for the app. You're both using the same phone so it must, as Rexio says, be something to do with location (either where you are registered or where you are while you are searching).

On the basis.that …
A - It's almost inconceivable that the S11 won't find its way onto Navionics' list of certified compatible devices soon.
B - I could move around Europe until I find it on Android market!
C - AppBrain seems to offer an alternative method.

I'll probably take the plunge and get the phone.