Need good text and call blocker app

I need a good text and call blocking app that either that does NOT announce that the caller's message or phone call has been blocked. I actually have the calls covered because I forward them into oblivion when I do not want to receive them.

I have a Droid Incredible so I hope there is something out there that will do this. I have a boss that is insane! He is such a Scrooge that he does not acknowledge that hours outside of 8 to 5 are MY time.

He is a big texter so it is really more important for me to find a good app that will let me block texts from him. Trouble is, he might try doing it with a different phone number so he would find out. I might have to block ALL texts after a certain hour and if I have to do this it is okay.

I have Call Blocker Pro installed but I tested it and, while it tells me the a call was blocked in its log, it in fact sends it to voicemail. I do not want blocked calls going to voicemail.

Any suggestions? I have to find something ASAP. He won't leave me alone and I need to play with his head a bit until I find another job.


.. ONLY Root Call Blocker Pro, but you still need to be rooted .. tested with Sensation, root, stock rom .. no notification what-so-ever