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Need to back up stuff on phone but how?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by that1guyyep101, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. that1guyyep101

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    Feb 1, 2011

    Feb 1, 2011
    I have a Motorola Electrify running android 2.3.5. I rooted it using the instructions here.. http://androidforums.com/electrify-...t-motorola-electrify-2-3-5-dummies-guide.html
    Before I rooted it I was getting the error of something like "The application Google services Framework(process com.google.process.gapps) has stopped unexpectedly."
    Another error I get is that the system process or something unexpectedly stopped or isn't responding or whatever and it gives me the options of force close or to wait.
    My phone now likes to randomly light up for no reason.. not the led light, but the screen light.
    Also when I reboot it decides it's going to load a few things then reboot again.
    It's supposed to say dual core technology or something, then show an animated thing spinning around a circle, then show the us cellular logo, then go to the lock screen and load stuff.
    It loads a few things then goes back to the reboot screen.
    It's not supposed to go back to the reboot screen.
    It's supposed to just keep reloading stuff and continue to stay on....

    Anyways, I want to back it up and then restore it or something somehow.
    I have my pictures, music, contacts, videos all on the sd card and do not want to erase that.
    I want to back up the settings of my phone and stuff so that I don't have to reinstall everything if possible in order to fix it.
    I heard nandroid or whatever is good, but the instructions I looked up seemed complicated.
    I tried using a program called MyBackup Root and it backed up the contacts, call logs, bookmarks, sms, mms, system settings, home shortcuts, home shortcuts, dictionary, calendar, music, apn's.
    It failed to back up alarms because "Permission denial: opening provider com.motorola.blur.alarmclock.AlarmProvider from ProcessRecord{4109ed10 31881:com.rerware.android.MyBackupRoot/10285} (pid=31881, uid=10285) requires null or null."

    Why can't it back up the alarms?
    I also backed up applications & media the apps + apk or something.

    My question is if I clear my phone to the factory stuff but restore the backups will it possibly fix the above issues?
    Or do I have to start over and reinstall every application, every setting, re enter every wifi password and everything?
    Because that's a lot of work :/
    I just want my phone to boot up right... not load a few things then randomly go back to the boot screen then load a few things, go back to the boot screen in a boring endless loop.

    It does eventually boot, load everything and continue working, but sometimes it takes an hour ):


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