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New HTC Widgets

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gnok31, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Gnok31

    Gnok31 Member
    Thread Starter

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  2. luger

    luger Newbie

    HTC Puts Widgets On Market | Android Phone Fans

    Anybody download yet? I'm using the Battery widget, which is exactly what I've been wanting, and I'm trying the Today in History widget which is much larger than what I'd want but interesting.
  3. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    Havent (and wont) try them. I like the battery widget I use and the other seem completely pointless.
  4. luger

    luger Newbie

    Fair enough, I do agree that most are useless (the battery is the only key one for me) but it's good to see these popping up. Hopefully this is just the start to them.
  5. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    Yep ... I hope to see many more for download.
  6. bcwood111

    bcwood111 Newbie

    tried both neither would launch on my eris
  7. sed

    sed Newbie

    They won't launch because they're widgets. Add them you your home screen.

    I like the battery one, but this day in history isn't working for me. It just stays blank and stuck on 'Updating...'.
  8. GrdLock

    GrdLock Android Enthusiast

    Wow, I'm glad HTC is working on pointless stuff like this when they need to be fixing our issues with the OTA update...
  9. Gnok31

    Gnok31 Member
    Thread Starter

    I've tried all four of them and they work fine but I only kept the battery one. It seems like whenever you install/uninstall one of these, the Sense UI needs to restart itself. I thought it crashed my phone at first but I think it probably has something to do with the new widgets integrating into the HTC widget list.
  10. bcwood111

    bcwood111 Newbie

    i got them to load, thanks. but the battery one is just like Batterylife from curvefish. that one is better because you can customize it.
  11. HP2

    HP2 Newbie

    The only one that interested me was the battery widget. I downloaded it for my Eris and it works fine. Very practical.
  12. gener1c

    gener1c Member

    Battery widget is a lot better than having to *#*#4636#*#* every time you wanted to check your batter health.

    Tip calculator is always handy too.
  13. nessbuilder

    nessbuilder Newbie

    Like the battery widget, smaller than curvefish although I like that one a lot also.
  14. cheeto12

    cheeto12 Newbie

    the battery one is the only one worth getting
    dice is just dumb
    this day in history is kinda neat, but i doubt i will use it, and i don't like the space it takes up
    tip calculator? you mean you haven't figured out how to do this in your head yet?
  15. _lowedown

    _lowedown Newbie

    I like the Battery Widget. The simple animations they've included make it pretty slick. It's a simple and clean design that works well. What more can you ask for?
  16. yoyohere2

    yoyohere2 Member

    Installed htc battery. uninstalled BatteryLife.

    Both are pretty much the same and you can't go wrong with either one.
    I prefer htc just becase of the htc brand name.
  17. MJL

    MJL Android Enthusiast

    I like the battery widget, has a nice bubbling animation when charging. But I still prefer the curvefish battery widget better since you can customize it. and dont have to tap it to bring up info.
  18. colornshape

    colornshape Android Enthusiast

    While we're on the subject of battery info...

    I have a shortcut to SPare PArts on my home screen, and it has a link to the elusive battery info screen accessible only (as far as I can tell) through the nearly unuseable (for me, anyway) voice dialer.

    If I use SPare Parts to bring that up, then use the home button to exit, tapping the SPare PARts shortcut opens the battery info screen.

    For those who've never seen it, it gives battery scale, status, health, temp... and a few other things.

  19. Mortgage_It

    Mortgage_It Well-Known Member

    installed battery widget but it crashed phone and broke the weather widget so i uninstalled. guess i did something wrong? tried it twice. would not launch.
  20. Ataranine

    Ataranine Android Enthusiast

    The only one that seems worth having is the Battery one. But I'm not running Sense on my Eris right now anyway.
  21. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

    It makes me wonder if this is part of a package that would be included in newer phones or maybe a preview of the updated Senseui with Android 2.X
  22. J.R.

    J.R. Member

    I didn't notice any animation with the battery widget, what do I have to do to make that happen?
  23. ttran97

    ttran97 Android Enthusiast

    Plug it in to see bubbles while it's charging.
  24. MJL

    MJL Android Enthusiast

    edit: beat me to it...
  25. entelechy3

    entelechy3 Member

    The "Today in History" will load for me, but only if I'm connected to a wi-fi network; on 3G, it's unable to update. I already uninstalled it, and not just for connectivity issues. If it was half-screen size and actually connected, maybe, but as it is: not a bad effort, but... meh.

    Battery widget's pretty nice, though. A little less obtrusive than the others I've tried.

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