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My mom recently found a phone and I noticed it was brand new mostly because it didn't have any contacts,pictures,recordings, or search history the only thing I found is the owners gmail but it was not as signed in what should I do? I have no way of returning it because I am just under the age of 15(tmi?)


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Sell it on Craigslist before the IMEI goes bad. I'm joking settle down. You could try to contact the gmail you found hoping its the owners. First you should check the IMEI or ESN to see if it was reported stolen.


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Yeah, email the email address saying you have found the phone, have they lost one, or something not describing too much. If they say yes ask them to tell you the make / model or IMEI or something to confirm it's not someone wanting to get a free phone. Could also hand it into police and see if anyone claims it.