nexus 6p bad sound quality at high volume


Jul 26, 2017
Hi. Last week I was walking through a heavy rain, and picked my phone from my pocket just to call a taxi. When I called them, I already couldn't hear anything on the speaker. When I came home, my phone volume was changing by itself automatically when I was looking at the settings. When I tried to play some sounds, it was silent, I couldn't hear anything. I tried plugging in earphones, and everything was fine with earphones, sound was clear and good. So I just put my phone on the table and went to sleep hoping that in the morning everything will be good. I woke up and tested my phone sounds right away. Sounds were back, everything was working fine. Now, 1-1.5 weeks after that event, I've noticed that if I play sounds on 75% or above, the sounds quality just becomes very poor, squeaky and dirty. I'm worried that my speakers got damaged. But how? It was only like 2minutes with my phone in my hand and I was covering it.. (it has an armor case and screen protector glass). I'm out of ideas
It sounds a bit like your device suffered some manner of moisture-induced damage. Electronics are very sensitive to water - but more so, to any corrosion that may result after the water exposure. It's not uncommon for a device to seem okay after getting wet but for problems to occur days or weeks later, after the moisture trapped inside has had a chance to oxidize delicate components. At any rate, it certainly sounds like a hardware problem. I don't think that we'll be able to do anything for you here.

I'd suggest taking it to a repair shop to see if they can figure out anything.
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