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No news :-(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nybras, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Was really hoping for some News on a HD update from HTC today :(

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  2. ynwa

    ynwa Well-Known Member

    Why today?
  3. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    As today was the opening of the big MWC-conference. New HTC phones (and other brands ofc) have announced a new line of phones, and a HTC tablet with Android 2.4 :D!

    However, no info on the DHD update :( (not yet at least...)
  4. ynwa

    ynwa Well-Known Member

    Ah right. I still cant believe they havent released an update to fix all the bugs that came in the last update. I think thats pretty bad. Still no word on gingerbread coming either?
  5. anandv76

    anandv76 Well-Known Member

    if you want an updated O/S, buy a new phone! thats the message i get from all of this...:D
  6. ajp900

    ajp900 Newbie

  7. springy

    springy Android Enthusiast

    I think we have to wait till 2.4 to come out

    The Incrediable S is coming out with 2.2, where as the Desire S and Wildfire S will come out with 2.3 in beginning of Q2. But I bet the reason why the Desire S and Wildfire S is delayed till Q2 is because of the 2.4 release, which means we have got to wait until then.

    THE ANDROID Android Enthusiast

    HTC release too many phones and whats with the "S"? They're copying Samsung Galaxy S series?

    Galaxy S2 kicks ass anyway.
  9. qwerty100

    qwerty100 Member

    I suspect that with the new lineup of phone announced, AND the "Flyer" tablet - demoed running ONLY 2.x, the dev teams will be concentrating on new shiny devices only, and forgetting existing customers.

    This seems to be the way phones are going. You get the SW you buy, and thats it. If you want an update, here's a new $450 phone for that privilege.

  10. springy

    springy Android Enthusiast

    Don't think so. HTC are pretty good updating their phones, and you got to relise, no phone other than Nexus S has gingerbread, including the Nexus One.

    And with 2.4 coming out, there is no point for manufactures to spend their time and efforts on customizing their ROMS when they know that another OS release is just around the corner.

    I honest believe now that all manufacturers will try to update their software as soon as possible, especially SE and Sammy as I think they relised last year they were badly hit by sales etc because of it.
  11. scousedroid

    scousedroid Newbie

    A speculated May-July 2011 before Gingerbread comes to the DHD and other reports that speculate about there being no DHD updates from HTC until Gingerbread comes - all since the 2.2.1 fail of an update released in late 12/10 that introduced more problems than it resolved.

    HTC may be better than other manufacturers when it comes to releasing official updates but I'm not willing to wait for 6+ months following the official Gingerbread release date in the hope it resolves all the existing problems - there are other ways ;)
  12. WigglesGRN

    WigglesGRN Member

    Yes and the other ways give you ABSOLUTELY NO COME BACK from your network if you fluff it.
  13. scousedroid

    scousedroid Newbie

    I didn't say it was for everyone but I did say "I'm not willing to wait".

    You're right about one thing: taking complete control of an android device that's still under warranty is a personal adversity to risk type of issue. For some, the risk is simply too high to justify.
  14. WigglesGRN

    WigglesGRN Member

    Aye when your on a 2 year contract and only 4 months in its to risky to do it ... after a year i will root my DHD but not till then

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