Help No twitter notifications ( audio or text ) ((XperiaS))

Hello all .
Maybe someone here can help with my problem .( I have contacted twitter support but no help )
So My previous phone was an HTC I had those mobile notifications turned on for certain people I follow .
I then moved to the Sony Xperia S set it all up , went into the twitter app settings made sure I turned them on and set an audio file for the tone .
Only there is never an audible sound play when those people tweet OR when someone tweets me or does another twitter function towards me .
Sometimes I get the little text based notification in the bar and the light pulses . But that doesnt happen for every person I have it set up for , around 60 people ..
Twitter support team said to make sure the settings were correct , that the app is set to sync and that i have the proper update for twitter and my device ..
All of which ive done many times , Ive deleted the app,the app date , the app cache .
Ive removed my google account and re added it to the device too .
Tried hard resets/factory resets , deleting the twitter app and nothing really helps .
So I ask you , my fellow Xperia S users how did you get the twitter notifications to work properly ?