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Not sure if phone is bricked or Just decided To go to Heaven!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ervin2091, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Ervin2091

    Ervin2091 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    HBOOT - 1.28.0000
    RADIO -
    eMMC - boot
    May 17 2012,16:19:28

    thats what appears on my phone at the moment. I cant do nothing not even the factory reset function.

    If i plug it into the wall socket to charge it, it doesnt appear to be charging. Even if i plug it on in my pc, the pc doesnt recognize it but it did before it started to act all crazy on me.

    Not even the bootloader is working, im really not happy with this.

    Id highly appreciate your help as this phone is hardly 4months old. I got it as a present from my Aunt in the UK. And im situated in South Africa.

    It all happend 3 months ago, it was on during the day but at 5pm i just felt vibration in my pocket, so i checked if it was or message or something but to my surprise the screen was all white with a HTC logo in the middle. so i thought it might be the battery then i try to charge it, but no luck.

    Then i performed the battery pull and thought if i reset the phone it would work but nothing.

    Eversince that the phone doesnt even wana switch on, charge or anything.:(

    Please help

  2. bogdy5

    bogdy5 Newbie

    the battery could be defective, you can send the phone to warranty if you still have it as it doesn't seem to be your fault that the phone isn't working(that is if you didn't drop it or something else)

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